The 10 Best Motivational Apps to Enter 2021 like a Boss

The year 2020 has not been kind to the world as we continue to suffer some major challenges and losses. Be it the Pandemic that has put the most parts of the world on hold or some unexpected losses like Kobe Bryant, it has been a tough-tough year!

Checkout the first half review of 2020 from CNN.

The Implications of 2020 on individuals has been challenging as the pandemic has affected Mental Health of the Millions of People around the globe.

So, the big question – How am I supposed to keep moving through all of this?

And the small answer to it – Hope & Action

While we enter 2021 we have nothing but a ray of Hope to believe in. Hope is just not a word but it is a powerful force that keeps a person moving even when things are not in their favor.

But if you sit there and ‘Hope’ things will get better without taking an Action than you’re inviting more stress (I like to call it as Daydreaming)

In this case Motivation has you Covered but first you need to set Goals if you don’t have it already

Therefore, with the Hope and Action Mindset I bring to you the 10 Best Motivational Apps that will give you a quick boost to take Action and transform the next year into YOUR YEAR.

1. Gratitude Journal


We all have something in our life that we are happy to have or grateful about. We just do not think about it consciously. This app fills that gap where you can write about the things you are grateful about.

This app is divided into three categories –

  • Journal
  • Affirmations
  • Daily Zen

Journal – This section allows you to acknowledge the things that are going good in your life. It also provides some ideas to write about every day. Where you just have to pick a topic and start writing in details.

Affirmations – Affirmations are very important as they work as a stress buster and relieve yourself from the anxieties of life. This section also has a guide that teaches ’How to use Affirmations’

Daily Zen – This section of the app provides new thoughts on a daily basis. Thoughts and sayings of the people recognized as hero around the globe. This would really help to put you in the right mindset.

Doing this every morning when you first wakeup is a perfect booster for the day.

Most of the features in this apps are free and enough to get the most out of it but it also includes a pro feature for additional benefits

Install – (Android, IOS)

Premium – (5.02$ monthly/30$ Annually)

2. Think Up


Do you feel the need of a therapist or a life coach? Worry no more. This app not only works as a Motivational App but also on the concept of Positive Self-Talk. What exactly is Positive Self-Talk? It is an internal conversation that you have with yourself to reveal your mindset, thought process, doubts, ideas and questions.

Whether your goal is weight loss, Getting a better Career or simply improving your lifestyle, Self talk concept is here to deliver results

This app comes with a list of soothing background music which can be merged with your voice to provide a strong positive self-affirmation which you can listen to later when you feel low about yourself. Basically it works as an audio session.

Just select an affirmation, hit the record button and add some music and play it whenever you want a boost for your day.

Install – (Android, iOS)

Premium – (3.39$ monthly/22.39$ Annually)

 3. Dreamfora


People with Goals Succeed and it is extremely true as it helps to understand the direction that you would want to go in to achieve that goal. This science based app just simplifies that process and keeps you in complete control of achieving your dreams.

First you would need to sign up to use the app which you can easily do from Social Media or Google. And the landing page of the website would have options such as

  • Dream
  • Habit
  • Task

Dream section is the ultimate goal you would want to achieve. The ultimate goal can be General, Career, Health or Relationship based. They also have a preset of Goals for all of the above categories.

Next you would want to set a due date. Now depending on the goals that you set, it can be in weeks, months or even years. Then, you would want to add the milestones. Milestones are nothing but the achievements that show the progress towards your goals

Habit is nothing but the patterns you want to follow that would encourage you to move towards your goals

Task is the daily tasks that you would want to do to get closer and closer to your milestone and in the end achieve your goals.

The app also offers the reminder facility to keep you motivated where you set a time and it pushes a motivational notification to keep you moving

Install – (Android)

Price- Free

4. Glan: Habit Tracker for Productivity


Productivity is the vital element when you want to achieve massive results and when you want to achieve peace of mind. But being productive daily is a challenging task as we human tend to divert our focus

That’s when this app comes into play. Glan Habit Tracker as the names suggest tracks your daily routine so that you know what to do and in how much time. You can also call it as a time management app.

Simply add the task, set a time target and you’re good to go.

Note – In the setting you have to choose your daily target limit. I.e. How much time are you willing to focus per day.

There’s also a feature in the app that talks about ‘The Journey’ as the app claims to improve your focus in 7 days.

Install – (Android)

5. hiMoment: Personal Development & Self-Help


In the midst of walking alone there are times that we wish to give up and during the challenging times Self-help is the most effective way of getting out of the mess and moving forward.

hiMoment is the go-to app if it is about self-help and personality development. The self-help books are summarized into bit-sized exercises that help you grow and keeps you moving

After you sign up using your Facebook or Google ID, the app gives you an option to select a track. A track is basically a goal that you want to achieve. Each track comes with a set of exercises that you need to complete as according to the goal you have selected.

Also, this app provides a mood chart that tracks your progress in daily mood and hence promoting a scope of improvement. This App can be easily found on App Store

Install – (Android/iOS)

Price- Free Trial for 7 days

6. 21 Days Challenge


They say that it takes around 21 days to form a habit and to develop a new habit. Well that is completely true and this why this app is here to help you form a new habit

To get started with this app and get the most out of it, simply set up your profile and your good to go. This app comes with a preset challenge that you can take to become a better version of yourself.

The best thing about this app is it does not give away the entire 21-day challenge if you choose a preset. However, if you create your own challenge you can create and edit it as per your wish.

Install – (Android/iOS)

Premium – (1.36$ monthly)

7. Always Positive – Daily Motivational Quotes


We all experience a fall in dopamine when things do not go as planned and that’s ok as that too is the part of the journey. What is more important is Awareness. When you’re aware that you lack some positive mindset that is when this app comes handy as this app works as a daily dose of motivation.

Always positive should be your first Instagram as you must scroll here more often than you do anywhere else.

The great thing about this app is that the content on this app is shared by its user so we can get access to millions of New ‘Positive Affirmation Quotes’ rather than the old traditional one’s

Inspirational Quotes about working or quotes about life there are thousands of quotes that you can read and bring that positive reminder into your life instantly.

Install – (Android)

Price- Free

8. Forest: Stay Focused


We all have the potential to make a difference but most often people fall from their path and experience Procrastination. Procrastination is a silent killer and most of the time the reason why we procrastinate is because of our mobile.

Worry no more!! This app has come to the rescue with its unique feature. You can now plant a virtual seed, set a timer and avoid your phone.

Because every time you check in on your virtual trees, they die. Hence it helps to avoid using the cellphones and promote productivity.

There is also a credit system in the app. That means there is an actual tree that has been planted by the firm as a reward when you stay away from your phone. Up till now they have planted over 845103 trees.

Install – (Android)

Price- Free

9. Habitica: Gamify your tasks


We all love to play games of some sort and if you love to play games than this app is for you. It is a free habit tacking app that turns your real-life tasks into a game.


The concept is simple. You would be assigned an Avatar/character who life o meter is full. Now as you complete or miss your task the life o meter is affected accordingly.

For each task you complete you simply hit the (+) button and your avatar is healthy. However, if you fail to do the task you have to honestly hit the (-) button. If you hit the (-) button more often than you would risk your characters life.

This app works as a dopamine booster every time you hit the + button.

Developing a habit has never been fun!

Install – (Android, iOS)

Price- Free with in-app purchases

10. Mindhouse- Modern Meditation


You might be wondering that does this meditation app is featured in the list of 10 Best Motivational Apps? The answer is simple Meditation improves our focus and focus is required to achieve any goal.

When you first sign up you are given an option to choose a goal. You can choose any focus area to personalized experience. For starters you have to choose any 2.

They offer a list of guided modern meditation to improve your focus, stress relief and patience. You can even book a one on one meditation with the expert to boost your meditation process and thus improving the quality of your life

Install – (Android, iOS)

Price- Free with in-app purchases

If you need a quick list of Positive Affirmation to get you started then check out this article

Note – These recommended products do not contain any affiliate links. These are the apps that are either tested and used by me or some friends at some point in life. I recommend to pick your path mindfully.

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