10 Steps to Get Rid of Postponing Behavior


Can I do that later please? Is it urgent? Can someone else do it if it’s not that important? Do I have to do it? And the list of excuses
goes on and on and on. I was no different and so as a Millennial I know that
other Millennials are no different.

The ugly truth about this behavior is that it becomes a habit and once
Procrastination becomes a habit it does affect the personal and the
professional life of a person.

Procrastination is the silent killer” – Anthony Robbins

Think about it – If you have a date with someone your excited to go out with.
Would you want to prepone it or postpone it? On the other hand, let’s say,
you’re asked to go out with someone who speaks a lot and just doesn’t stop.
Would you want to prepone it or postpone it?

So procrastination comes when you don’t like to do the things you are told to
or you have to do

So, what is the cure? There is no cure! There’s just list of
actions that you must take as an when you fall into the trap of delaying what
needs to be done.

Steps to get rid of Postponing Behavior

1.      Write down all your tasks


With only a few minutes a day what you can actually do is start with writing
down things that you’ve been told to do or have to do.

Take out your pen and paper or simply remove your Mobile and Start writing
everything you need to do. (I would recommend writing it down on a paper) I do
it at the night so by the time I wake up in the morning I can add if there’s
something I did forget about.

Don’t stress yourself too much into this step as you just have to write
whatever comes into in your head.


Great. Now comes the second step.

2.      Prioritize it


After you’ve written it down all that needs to be done. Simply just go through
your list and see what needs to be done as soon as possible and what you can do
later in the day. Let’s say for example you had written down 10 things that you
need to do today. Simply just number it again on the left side or the right
side (if you haven’t numbered it already)

What this does is, it helps to determine what needs to be done first and what
is the priority. It also saves the ‘Oh I should’ve done that earlier’ moment.

3.      Figure out the things that attract you and things that don’t

      Since now you’ve prioritized the things that you need to do the next step is to
look at the things and check which all the things you are ok to do about and
which are the things that would
not attract you that much

This gives a clear understanding of what kind of tasks do you actually like and
what type of tasks usually you avoid.

For example – Out of the two tasks that you have to do. One is going to the gym
and other is getting your laptop repaired. So, you are ok to get the laptop
repaired but are not up to get to the gym.

4.      Allocate certain amount of time for each task

      Why would you want to allocate certain amount of time for each task? The reason
why I like to do It personally is because I have the tendency to delay a task
to get rid of the other task but then later on it feels pressurizing as I only
have to do it.

Hence it is crucial to allocate the time
tasks. It also boosts productivity as you get the work done in the shorter
amount of time.

5.      Change your perspective towards the tasks you are likely to avoid

      As discussed, the main reason why we procrastinate is because of one primary
reason. We don’t like that thing. The task is not motivating or has no
motivation at all.

But at the end of the day it is our task and we have to do it or else it feels
nothing but the burden that we could have lifted by doing it.

So how do you change your perspective towards what you don’t like to do?

It is simple.

Simply link more pleasure in doing it. Let’s say it’s the gym that your
procrastinating about and today is your leg day, so how would you link more
pleasure in going to the gym?
One possible solution is that you could read about someone who did it for a few
days and got amazing results so maybe you could use that as a motivation to get
it done.

6.      Keep an open mind

      What do I mean by keeping an open mind? What I mean is while in the middle of
the Linking more pleasure to your task, you must believe that this is going to
work. Not only for the task that you hate to do but also it will give you a
deeper understanding of how procrastination works

7.      Try Experimenting with it

      At this point you must start feeling motivated to do the task that you usually
avoid or procrastinate about. Now you must no longer avoid the task for later
and get it done because once you link pleasure in doing something it stays

Once you think you have the right mindset the just go ahead. At this point you
must only thing what doing the task will provide you in terms of pleasure.

8.      Go easy on yourself

      Even if you don’t get it right at once you must not get discourage. For the one
sole reason and that is that you must understand that breaking a habit takes
time and effort.

So go easy on yourself and understand this simple concept.

Give yourself kudos that at least you are aware and want to change this

9.      Check your input

      At this stage you should be done with the task. Check for How did you feel? Did
you do it like how you use to do it or was anything different? Hope you have a
clear answer by this time.

What you must feel at this point is you should’ve got the task done and enjoyed
the process.

What if you still didn’t feel anything different? What if you still felt the
burden on your head?

    10.Try again if needed

You would likely have to repeat the steps 5
to 9 because you might not get the desired result in the first go and it is
completely normal if you feel that way.

Give kudos to have at least have tried.

But what could possibly go wrong? Why did you not get it done in the first
place? It is highly likely that you did not link enough pleasure in doing the

Because if you link enough pleasure to the task you would feel the need to get
it done as soon as possible without feeling the stress of procrastination.

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