230 Things to be Grateful for

Gratitude is a critical skillset that all of us are aware of. Yet, for some reason or the other, we fail to practice it regularly and forget about the Things to be Grateful for

Imagine running around with stress all day and within seconds you can change your mood. That is what the power of Gratitude is.

If it is so powerful then why don’t we all make the most out of it? There are few common reasons why we do not do it.

Here is why –

  • Law of Familiarity

Law of Familiarity basically means that we take a person or a thing just little bit for granted. This issue kicks in when we start getting comfortable about something.

This leads to many issues like Loss of Spark in a relationship, Unhealthy Friendship, Broken Connections etc. Therefore, it is essential to Appreciate what we have now before time teaches us that.

  • Laziness

Postponing Behavior is the root cause of many dreadful occurrences in our lives. Not taking necessary steps when required, results in lost of opportunity.

With Appreciating what we have, it is no different. We combine Laziness with Law of Familiarity most of the time and hence compromise this strong mental tool

  • Daily Rushes

This should not be an excuse but many times people genuinely get caught up with their daily schedule. While hustling should never stop, we should remove at least 5 minutes of the day to appreciate what we have. This issue is more of a ‘Lack of Awareness’ then getting caught up with the daily routine.

Do you mean it or just read it?

There are some people who do not practice gratitude at all. Whereas, there are also some people who practice this skill on a daily basis but get minimum to no result.

The primary reason why people do not get it right is because they do not do it right

There are some few common exercises that you can do to get optimum results –

  • Compare

We all know that comparing yourself to others is not a good idea. However, in this case, comparison is for the betterment of ourselves. Most of the time we compare yourself to bring someone down. Instead, we must compare to raise ourselves up.

Comparison can be done in two ways. We can compare to ourselves or with others. To compare with your own self, you must realize what you have now as compared to what you did not have a few days, weeks, months or even years ago.

To compare yourself to others, you must do the exact same thing but now you have to focus your energy on what you have and what they wish they had.

  • Ask Better Question

Misjudge the power of right question is the foolish thing we do. Asking the better question is still a skillset most of us struggle with. Merging the right question with the previous exercise will only result in a positive outcome.

You must ask questions like – What is one thing that I have now and my friends would wish they had? What would my life look like without my friends?

Avoid Questions like – Will I ever get what he just got? When will I become that way? Etc.

  • Journaling

Writing down is critical to understand what you think. To understand your pattern of thoughts you must write down what you think about on a day to day basis. To write down effectively, a person must be able to ask better questions. Hence, all the exercises are associated to one another.

Having discussed about the quick exercises that you can do to get the most out of your Gratitude journal, here’s the gratitude list now-

230 Things to be Grateful for

  1. Friends and Family
  2. TV Shows
  3. Feel Free
  4. Putting 100% at what you do
  5. Phone calls
  6. Ability to read
  7. Ability to write
  8. Ability to speak
  9. Being loved
  10. Walk
  11. Visiting your favorite destination
  12. Food to Eat
  13. Water to drink
  14. Pet
  15. Decent photo of yourself
  16. Cook
  17. Willing to learn more about life
  18. No Debts
  19. You are the reason some people smile
  20. A Pure heart
  21. Ability to operate your mobile
  22. Ability to use Laptop
  23. You have your own Laptop
  24. Have your own Mobile
  25. Job
  26. Potential to be someone better than your current self
  27. Shelter to live
  28. Clothes to wear
  29. Wear whatever you want whenever you want
  30. Feeling Good
  31. Stable mental health
  32. Ability to laugh
  33. Someone to cry with
  34. Good taste in music
  35. Life satisfaction
  36. Home cooked food
  37. Siblings
  38. Pleasant memories
  39. Girlfriend
  40. Boyfriend
  41. Living in the present moment
  42. Optimistic
  43. Goal oriented
  44. Result driven
  45. Know a path to success
  46. Own Business
  47. Startup idea
  48. Cuddle with someone
  49. People who make you a better person
  50. Cheerful and happy
  51. Loving
  52. Caring
  53. People in the World
  54. Power to choose good
  55. Calm in tough situations
  56. Awareness
  57. Kind to strangers
  58. Have life lesson from your past
  59. Flower garden
  60. Plants
  61. Delicacies to taste
  62. Perfect body
  63. Dance
  64. Singing
  65. Adventurer
  66. Hike
  67. Swim
  68. You wake up early
  69. Freedom to vote
  70. Date nights
  71. Living pain free
  72. Job in Pandemic
  73. Work out
  74. Loveable children’s
  75. Beautiful wife
  76. Sleep peacefully
  77. Explore nature
  78. Regular electricity supply
  79. Love that has no conditions
  80. Meditate
  81. Relax your mental health when you want
  82. Co-workers
  83. Forgiving
  84. Give without expecting
  85. Receive a lot without asking for it
  86. Parents love each other
  87. Parents motivate you
  88. Dream
  89. Help others
  90. Open Minded
  91. Brave
  92. How to respect others
  93. Respect from your loved ones
  94. Apologize when you’re wrong
  95. Pray for someone’s happiness
  96. Love long distance travel
  97. How to drive
  98. Expressing gratitude
  99. Communicate better
  100. Do not care about others opinion
  101. Are strong
  102. Giving
  103. Bright soul
  104. Active
  105. Energetic
  106. Promote positive thinking
  107. Full of enthusiasm
  108. Help others without any expectation
  109. You do what you think you would do
  110. Independent
  111. Believe in fair treatment
  112. Speak against what is wrong
  113. Approachable
  114. Self-made
  115. Fresh air
  116. Clear goals
  117. Clear professional goals
  118. Personal goals
  119. Justice
  120. Greatness
  121. Loved
  122. Approach close friend for any help
  123. Beautiful
  124. Positive Impact
  125. Punctilious
  126. Inspiration to others
  127. love from your Girlfriend with any conditions
  128. love from your Boyfriend with any conditions
  129. Imperfectly perfect
  130. Healthy immune system
  131. No Fear of Opinion
  132. Good Health
  133. Warm clothes
  134. Celebrate any festival you like
  135. Act of Kindness
  136. Willing to make things work
  137. No tolerance for Negative People
  138. Best Employee
  139. Clever
  140. Intelligent
  141. Smart
  142. Handsome
  143. Great Planner
  144. Focused
  145. Spiritual
  146. Winner
  147. Different
  148. Special for many people
  149. Your own Superhero
  150. Great decisions
  151. Favorite song
  152. Communicate instantly
  153. Access to knowledge
  154. Active
  155. Salary
  156. Helpful colleague
  157. No anxiety
  158. Strong ethics
  159. Sharp Vision
  160. Trendy clothes
  161. Easy Friendship
  162. Smooth Relationship
  163. Motivated by values
  164. Pet cat
  165. Rainy Days
  166. Sunrise and sunsets
  167. Starry nights
  168. Car
  169. Bike
  170. Social Media
  171. Laptop
  172. Computer
  173. Work from home
  174. Visionary
  175. Funny
  176. Binge watching
  177. Internet
  178. Shoes
  179. 100’s of articles
  180. Love
  181. Professional Career
  182. Cousins
  183. Niece
  184. Good Neighbors
  185. Ability to solve complex issues
  186. Quick learner
  187. Various opportunities at the door
  188. Travel
  189. One of a kind
  190. Good Listener
  191. Attention Giver
  192. Honest Character
  193. Not Judgements
  194. Judge on the basis of character
  195. Un-biased behavior
  196. Support your family members
  197. Hugs from your loved ones
  198. Fun Nature
  199. Sweet Character
  200. Heart
  201. Lungs
  202. Hands
  203. Legs
  204. Teachers
  205. Snow
  206. Blogs
  207. Smile
  208. Various Senses
  209. Pizza
  210. Privacy
  211. God
  212. Creativity
  213. Sense of Gratitude
  214. Good Healthcare System
  215. Advance Technologies
  216. Quick Commuting
  217. Deals on Festive Season
  218. Breakfast
  219. Birthdays
  220. Netflix
  221. Suprising someone
  222. Getting Surprized
  223. Kids
  224. Problems in Life
  225. Money saving strategies
  226. Intuition
  227. Memberships
  228. Passion
  229. Curiosity
  230. You are You there is no replacement!

Now that we are aware of the List of Things to be Grateful for, it is crucial to understand the Benefits of practicing gratitude

  • Strong Mental Health

Getting in a heated debate at work, fighting with your loved ones, all these Toxic Emotions occur daily in our life while exhausting our Mental Health. Gratitude is the Antidote to all of these Toxic Emotions. There are various studies by Robert A. Emmons which proves this.

  • Improves your Life and Self Esteem

When you compare to lift yourself up and not to bring anyone down, Self Esteem is going to be boosted. Emotions like Jealousy, Feeling Low, Underrated, disappears when you start Appreciating your own accomplishments. Grateful people not only Appreciate their own accomplishments but have the ability to appreciate other people’s achievements.

  • Better Sleep

We sleep better when we know we have enough.

2 minutes of self-regard before bed is the key to deep relaxing sleep. All that is needed is Awareness

  • Improves Relationship

When we acknowledge the person’s contribution in our life, we directly communicate that we are grateful to them. This results in building of Trust, Communication and hence Relationship.

Now these are the Benefits of treasuring that you can cherish. Remember, Thankful people do not just read it, they mean it.

You can merge these Appreciative statements with the quick exercises that we discussed earlier and get great results.

Gratitude is good, Gratitude is necessary.

What are you grateful for today?

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