5 Goal Setting Blogs to Help you Achieve Greatness

Whether you want to take your life to next level, get a promotion or shred some weight, a clear vision of your Goals can help you achieve what you want. Below is the list of 8 Goal Setting Blogs that boosts your knowledge on the given topic.

  1. Goal Setting: The Definitive Guide

If you are looking for a Go to Guide on Goal Setting. This is it. This Goal Setting Blog is Divided in various chapters, this guide clears all the doubts one could possibly have about the topic.

This guide covers a total of 6 chapters.

The First Chapter Clears all the basics of Goal Setting. The Second Chapter includes the Top 3 researches done on this topic. This really helps you to understand the scientific facts about Goal Setting and sets up your mindset. The Third Chapter focuses on the fundamentals of setting goals and things that you must remember in order to achieve maximum results. Forth Chapter is crucial as it explains how smart goals are better than the usual goals and cover a Step-by-Step process on Goal Setting. The Final Chapter includes a worksheet that helps you set goals easily every time you have a new vision.

  1. Types of Goals with Examples (A Conscious Rethink)

This fantastic article by A Conscious Rethink emphasize the importance of Categorizing your Goals. Categorizing your Goals help you identify their significance in your life which will help you prioritize your Goals.

There are a total of 10 Types of Goals. 7 goals are based on those mentioned in the book Success Principles by Jack Canfield.

  • Educational Goals (Attend Seminars, Learn Coding)
  • Physical and Health Goals (Lose weight, Gain Weight)
  • Relationship Goals (Support Each other, Put Each Other First, Listen more)
  • Personal Development Goals (Develop Emotional Intelligence, Improve Time Management)
  • Career Goals (Intern with a Large Company, Boost Networking Abilities)
  • Financial Goals (Stick to a Monthly Spending, Clear Debt, Save up Emergency Funds)
  • Spiritual Goals (Learn Gratitude, Meditate Daily, Start a Journal)
  • Psychological Goals (Promote Good Health, Maintain Mental Peace)
  • External Goals (Get closer to your Family, Spend time with Friends)
  • Experiential Goals (Improve Communication, Learn Problem Solving)
  1. 7 Keys to Setting Realistic Goals (Sid Savara)

We are all taught about setting goals. Since the young age goal setting was inevitable but there was always something missing. The effectiveness of Goal Setting

25% of Goals that are set are broken in the first weeks the main reason being the Unrealistic nature of those goals. This article by Sid Savara talks about the importance of setting real goals and keys to setting the goals that are achievable and real.

Key 1 – Write it Down. (Written Goals gives words to your thoughts)

Key 2 – Set short Goals. (Long Term Goals should be Divided into Short Term Goals)

Key 3 – Be specific (Do not be broad in your Goal Setting. Write down Exactly what you want)

Key 4 – Measure Actions and Progress (The things that distinguishes vague goals from Real Goals if the ability to Measure and Act on the Goal)

Key 5 – Start with One Goal (Multitasking may lead towards more problems therefore you must have a clear undivided focus)

Key 6 – Schedule time for your Goals (If you do not make time for your goals, you’ll never accomplish it)

Key 7 – Set Real Goals (Set Goals based on the pleasure you would get rather than what you should do)

  1. Successful Goal Setting (Dan Silvestre)

We all know about the Goal Setting and its importance in our lives. What is missing is a system for Goal Setting. This article by Dan Silvestre is here to provide a system that can be used anytime of the year.

This Guide is broken Down in to three sections. Section 1-3 Talks about the core of Goal Setting System. Section 4-5 helps you identify what you want to achieve and how to get there. Section 6-7 talks about the ways you can track your Goals.

These sections are merged in to seven steps that are very well defined and explained. It also includes a template that can be used as and when desired to achieve the maximum outcome on Goal Setting.

  1. Why you Need to Set Inspired Goals (Elle is for Love)

When we talk about goal setting, we all hear the same old cliché. Set real goals, Have an Action Plan, Measure your Goals etc. No one talks about Setting Goals that Inspires you.

Well, Thanks to the article from Elle is for Love, at least someone is talking about Inspired Goal Setting. Goals that resonate deeper with our heart and soul are termed as Inspired Goals. Seppy also talks about that Inspired Goals not only provides you with the target you want to achieve but also builds you as a person and people around you.

The article covers the topic about Inspired Goals Vs Traditional Goals and The Power of Inspired Goals because in the end, goal setting is all about creating a life of Love and Happiness.

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