50 Questions to Ask a Career Counselor to Get The Best Results

Getting stuck at various stages of your career is completely ok and getting confused as to what to do next is challenging. Thankfully, there are Career Counselors who are trained professionals that guide us through our career and provide us the best solution possible. 

There are many stages in our career that we get stuck, some of the most common stages include – 

  • Making a career choice
  • Slow progress in your career
  • Shifting your Job

There is no fixed set of questions that you shall ask your career counselor. However, few broad topics you may want an answer to. It can be related to Understanding your Career Goals, Improving your Networks, Finding your Strengths, and Overcoming your Weaknesses. 

I use to get stuck and had a career counselor but I could not define my issues well. My career counselor taught me one important thing that helped me put words to my issue and she said – Whenever you can’t define your feelings just google random words related to your issues and you would be able to define it well. 

This article would highlight the important questions that can help you define your issues and get the most out of your Career Counseling Coach. I would be posting a list of questions that we can ask and below that would be a sentence or two that would clarify when you would and should ask this question.

Let’s Begin

List of Questions to ask your Counselor as a Student

  • What would be the right career path for me?

When – there are ample options for us to choose from. You might have skills for three different jobs but finding which would be the best fit for you is critical.

  • How do I study and get an Internship at the same time?

When – We need professional experience in our field. However, if you feel stressed out with doing both at once. This question would help you figure out how you can do both without stressing out.

  • I Fail to Manage my Time between my studies and Internship, How do I improve my Time Management Skills so that I don’t burden myself with To-Dos?

When – To-dos are a great way to invite stress in your life. Ask this question when you fail to do time management.

  • I’ve had poor grades during my semester, How will it affect my Job Opportunities?

When – If you are concerned about the grades that you scored and now want to look for a job. This question to your counselor would help you with a great answer.

  • What are some social media platforms for Professionals where I can get good exposure for my skills?

When – We know some platforms like LinkedIn but if there are more. Why not explore them?

  • How can I create the best professional-looking profile online?

When – there are ample tips available online. Getting burdened is too easy. Therefore, this question should be asked when you want to create a great presence online.

  • How does attending a seminar boost my knowledge? 

When – If you are unsure about seminars and their benefits, asking this question would clarify the problem.

  • I keep getting fear of rejection in interviews. How do I master my abilities so that I do my best?

When – When you identify that there are certain abilities you lack, that is when you ask this question.

  • I tend to get distracted with the small things, how can I overcome that so that I can primarily put my focus on improving my skills?

When – Feeling distracted is common but if you find your mind wandering often then a solution from your counselor would help you stay focused.

  • I  skipped some classes in my past, how would that affect my skill level? What should I do to level up my missed learning opportunity?

When – Ask this question when you feel something is missing from your professional skill and you want to learn it.

List of Questions to ask your Counselor when you are stuck at your current job

  • How do interpersonal conflicts affect career growth? And how do I avoid it to promote a working relationship?

When – When you already know about Interpersonal conflicts and want to avoid them at your workplace. This is a good question to get an answer for.

  • I have been having some trouble with communication. How do I improve my communication skills to deliver my message efficiently and respectfully?

When – Ask this question when you felt at least 2-3 times that you could not put your opinion.

  • How do I disagree with respect?

When – If you are blunt and want to say no with respect but don’t know-how, this is a good question to ask your counselor.

  • How do I become a good listener during a meeting?

When – Ask your counselor about your listening skills to maximize your potential in the meetings and come up with attractive ideas

  • I have a colleague that gossips way too much. How can I avoid that? How do I respectfully say that I am not interested?

When – When you feel like your time is spent on things that do not matter. This is the question that you would be needing an answer for.

  • What qualifies as workplace discrimination? How do I identify if I am being discriminated against?

When – When you get some hints at your workplace it is time to know and discuss this with your counselor.

  • How do I ensure Job satisfaction? How does it feel to be satisfied with your job?

When – We all hear job satisfaction and fulfillment but if you are unsure what makes your feel satisfied at the office. Ask this question

  • For the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to give a productive idea to the firm. What could be the potential reason?

When – This is self-explanatory

  • How do I feel motivated and enthusiastic when I am going through a low time?

When – If you have been consistently having downtime for a week. Then it is the right time to consult your counselor.

  • How do I swallow my mistakes and learn from them to make a point that I am intelligent?

When – We all make mistakes but our focus goes only on the bad stuff. When your focus is not changed for at least 2 days of your mistakes, then you need to ask this question to your counselor.

List of Questions to ask your Counselor when you want to shift your Job

  • How do I identify whether or not the current job is holding back my potential?

When – When you feel that you have many ideas to share and the firm has vague plans even after you share with them. Then probably you want to take this up with your counselor.

  • How do I tell if my current job is not providing me enough job satisfaction?

When – Some places people just work for me. If you have such an environment then consult with your Counselor

  • What are some core reasons that make us want to change our job and how do I identify if I relate to any of those core reasons?

When – If you are unsure about why you don’t like your job then this question would surely provide you with meaningful answers.

  • How do I quit respectfully?

When – When you find a better opportunity but your current workplace has good people. Being respectful to them is critical and hence ask your counselor how you can do it.

  • What if the reason why I am changing the job follows me to my new place?

When – This is mostly one of the fears we have and check with your counselor for this issue as it does not need a specific timing.

  • What are the job opportunities available and how do I find the perfect one for myself?

When – If you had not so great run with your previous company there are chances you would have this question

  • What should be my expectations with my new job? 

When – When you are unaware of the job that you finalized. This question would bring in good solutions.

  • How do I differentiate between my real and unreal expectations from my new job to get me in the right state of mind with realistic expectations?

When – Usually this question would come to mind when you doubt within yourself that some of your expectations may be unreal. That is when you ask this question to get a clear picture of your expectations

  • What is the list of fears that I may encounter while I decide to change my job and how do I avoid it?

When – If you are a person who prefers certainty, it is likely that you would be having this question.

  • How can I find a better job as compared to the previous ones?

When – Again, if you had a bad run with your previous company then your hope would be higher, and hence you would seek better opportunities

List of Questions to ask your Counselor when you start your Firm 

  • How can I use my job experience to start a business of my own?

When – If you have a good amount of experience up your sleeve and have no clue how to use it. This question would provide an interesting and innovative solution.

  • How do I set expectations that are real and achievable?

When – Some people overestimate and others underestimate what they can do and achieve. However, if you are one of them who does not understand the real expectations. You should ask this question.

  • How do I identify the legalities associated with my potential business?

When – there are some legalities involved in every business. Your counselor is an experienced professional and asking this question would help you avoid many errors.

  • What kind of decisions are termed intelligent decisions and How can I make them?

When – If you are unaware of things that make up intelligent decision making then you should ask this question.

  • How do I ensure diversity in my approach to get the maximum results?
  • The products and services that I have in mind, does it solve any problems? Do I need some different ideas altogether?

When – You would be asking this question when you need a second and professional opinion. That is when you should be asking this.

  • How do I strive on limited resources? How can I be more resourceful and get the best results?

When – We all have limited resources and most of us are bound by them. If you feel bound by these too then you must consult your counselor

  • Having a clear focus is critical in starting a business, how do I develop a laser-focused habit?

When – You should ask this when you are facing some sort of distractions in your life which keeps your mind away from your startup

  • How do I develop a vision for my firm so that I can sustain it for longer?

When – If you feel at some point that whatever you are doing with your business is not taking you anywhere then you must ask this question to get the best answer possible.

  • How can I feel motivated to grind for my business idea?

When – You would be asking this question when you feel less motivated daily to the task that you do. If you do it for the sake of doing then you probably need to consult your counselor.

List of Questions to ask your Counselor when you want to grow your Firm

  • How would I know if I am stuck in my thinking and not actions?

When – Ask this question when you find yourself procrastinating about your business and you feel a lot of time has been wasted already.

  • Am I promoting the right product or services? Do I need to make some changes?

When – This question must be asked when you need a professional opinion or if you have the right product in mind. Discuss both the possibilities anyway.

  • How can I practice flexibility?

When – While running a startup. You would need to allocate your focus to multiple things at a time. However, if you fail to do so, ask this question to your counselor to get the best result.

  • How can I maintain the vision of my startup?

When – When you cannot feel your vision driving you to take your business forward then you must ask this question to your counselor.

  • If there is fierce competition, what strategies should I take that bring good returns? 

When – When you analyze your competition and find yourself having a loose strategy in place. You need professional guidance. 

  • When is the right time to scale a business? What are signs that would give an idea about scaling the business?

When – Usually when you feel that your business is taking off well. It is critical to discuss scaling with your counselor.

  • How do I manage my fundings?

When – If you receive fundings from various sources but since we have to take a 360-degree approach so you might feel overwhelmed. This is when you discuss the issue with your counselor.

  • How do I maintain a steady flow of income to ensure that business is running efficiently?

When – When you feel like the startup must have different sources of income that would bring a steady income then you must ask this question to your counselor.

  • How do I manage my emotions to keep me productive and innovative?

When – Usually when you feel overwhelmed with your emotions that is when you would have this doubt

  • Did I allocate my funds properly? If not how can I properly do so?

When – Again, if you feel like you need a second opinion so you don’t mess up your funds. You must discuss this with your counselor.

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