8 Factors in Time-Management Strategies that Keeps you Motivated

We all struggle with two things the most, the need to get more things done and to stay motivated consistently. Now we all have our blues and staying motivated continuously is challenging but there is something called Time-management that allows us to stay motivated consistently.

How Can Time-Management Strategies Keep you Motivated? Time Management comprises of various factors like Attaching a Purpose, Carrying out necessary actions, keeping results in Mind. All of these factors have individual reasoning to provide more motivation and strength to keep going.

There are more than 50 Time-management strategies online. I have Jotted down the Top 4 Time-Management Techniques that worked for me. If you’re already familiar with the strategies let us dive deeper to understand how each factor in Time-Management affects our Motivation.

The Why Brings Energy

In our day-to-day life, we have a long to-do list that never gets short and drains all the energy as we approach the evening. Sounds Familiar? There is an end number of apps and software that claims to declutter your life but that is just great marketing. The true energy comes from within. “The Purpose” for acting. 

Perhaps one of the biggest motivating factors in Time-Management is your purpose of carrying out a task or a thing. When your why is present, we experience a high level of engagement and long-term motivation for our action. 

A lego therapy developed by Victor Frankl, he believed “striving to find a meaning in one’s life is the primary motivational force in man” (Frankl, 1992, p.104). He also believed that life can have meaning even in the worst situations. We must find meaning even in those situations. While this example is a bit more extreme but the point is to attach a deeper meaning to whatever you do.

How many of us have had a moment when we just enjoyed doing a task? We all had that experience. What was common in all those tasks was the force of why we’re doing it. While most of us spend time just doing things for the sake of doing. It is critical that we identify the purpose and then take action. Therefore a great time management strategies would help you identify your purpose so you carry the task with full motivation.

The Timely Schedule Ensure Productivity and Motivation

If you look at successful people, you would find that all of them have a schedule and routine that they follow and we think that we must do that too. Yes, we definitely should follow a timely schedule to ensure we get more things done in a small amount of time but we end up doing a load of random things that do not serve our higher purpose directly. 

With proper time-management strategies, we ensure that we provide a purpose of carrying out a task and follow a routine that would help us reach our destiny. Productivity comes from doing more things in less time through creativity and once we can do it we get motivated which then forms a loop.

For this to work, we must spend a couple of times finding the point where a timely schedule meets productivity. It is ok to try and test and make errors, just be sure that it should not cause any damage. It is also critical to assign realistic deadlines for the task you would be carrying. 

During the initial stage of finding the sweet spot of productivity in time management, you would encounter some hardships but you have to remember that it is never too late to develop a good habit. The benefits of a timely schedule and productivity would reflect in personal as well as professional life.

The Goals Become Clear

Time-Management and goal setting are quite related to each other. Without realistic goals, we would spend our time taking actions that do not provide results and with real goals, we would want to use our time effectively. Therefore, One of the most important factors in Time-Management strategies that keeps us motivated is the ability to provide us with clear and realistic goals. 

When we know the goals that we’re after it brings in the actionable steps that provide guidance and keeps us motivated. A great Time-Management strategy would help you identify your goals and the purpose because a whopping 92% of people fail to achieve their long terms goals and one of the primary reasons being a lack of clarity in their goals. 

Therefore, In the initial stage of time management, we are taught about Goal Setting and Identifying the purpose behind those goals. When we can identify our goals and purpose it provides us with the direction that ensures certainty and motivation.

Actions cut-off Procrastination

There are many reasons why we don’t achieve our goals. Some reason although is due to lack of actions and lack of result-driven actions. Time Management Strategies allows us to frame action plans that allow us to set goals and procrastinate less.

Let me ask you this, how do we procrastinate? We choose to do something else instead of the task that would bring us closer to our goals. It is often confused with Laziness but laziness is merely an unwillingness to act. However, with the proper time-management strategies we draw a particular result-driven action plan that has a greater purpose which allows us to avoid procrastination. 

Time-management strategies allow us to create a list of plans that empowers us to make healthy decisions. Most of us take vague decisions due to which we take vague actions and hence get a vague result. When we take result-driven actions that bring us closer to our goals, we feel more motivated to carry the task in the future. We’re all humans and staying consistent and building a continuous stream of momentum is challenging at times but with proper time-management, we take fewer actions to get more results. 

Planning ensures a clear path and Opportunities

Perhaps the most motivating factor in time management strategies is planning. This is the most fun part and getting it right is critical to ensure maximum results. Most of us have vague plans which result in ineffective actions but when we explore time-management we get clear on our goals and purpose which motivates us to take actions and get the desired results.

One of the main factors in planning that motivates us far more than any other factor in time management is the ability to forecast the future. When we forecast our future through planning we become aware of the possibilities and risks involved. The possibilities provide us with the motivation to move forward and the risks involved provide us to understand how we can tackle those risks. 

Planning in time management not only ensures a clear path but also ensures confirmation as we can track and observe past results for future forecasting. If we have experience with goal setting then regardless of Personal or Professional Goals we can look back and create a plan that would provide us concrete results of achieving.

The Result-Driven Mindset Provides More Confidence

In most cases, people are uncertain whether or not they would be achieving the goals and it is totally fine. We live in a time where the world feels more uncertain than ever. Setting and achieving your goals in today’s world has become a challenge but thanks to the time management strategies that we now have more certainty towards achieving the goals.

How do we get vague results? We get vague results for many factors and one of them is the uncertainty of achieving the goals. When we plan our goals we get a clear picture of what we’re after and how we’d be approaching it. Therefore, A great time-management strategy has a result-driven focus that provides us with more confidence. 

How does it motivate us? The result-driven goals allow us with, 

  1. The certainty that the goals can be achieved through some actionable steps. Certainty becomes the main motivating factor.
  2. We tend to see the end in our minds. When we have complete confidence in our planning and actions we can see the dreams becoming almost true. This is the biggest motivating factor.

The Clarity on the Time Wasted

Do you remember how you spent your last Wednesday? What did you spend your time thinking about? Was it your past or your future? Were you optimistic or pessimistic? Can’t recall it? That’s ok. I was the same before I took up Time-management seriously. The very first thing the time-management strategies would teach us is to look back at our past and realize how we spent our day.

How does it help? When you trace back your behavior you have the opportunity to identify how you spent your day and what thoughts influenced you to make certain decisions. This, in return, helps us realize our pattern of thinking. When we understand how we think, we understand how we made decisions and analyze which decisions and behavior led us towards improving our personal or professional life.

This would drastically give you a boost in motivation because now you know how you behaved and what actions led to what results as awareness is the key towards any better habit. Various researches are suggesting that when we practice self-awareness we are more creative and confident. Another research from JSTOR.org suggests that we make healthy decisions when we practice self-awareness.

Therefore, time-management strategies make us more aware of ourselves allowing us to be more confident and motivated,

Strategies Ensure Freer Time

Our worlds have become extremely competitive and technologically advanced. Therefore, we need to level up our games too but most of us are busier with the age-old to-dos that barely serve any purpose. Time-management strategies allow us to work on the tasks that serve a higher purpose. We take actions that are result-based rather than random actions that might or might not provide us results.

Thus, when we take actions that are surely giving us results, we would not have plenty of time wasted on ‘trying’ things that would not give us results. In this free time, we can work on our physical and mental health that would again work as a motivating force.

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