8 Things Mentors are Good For

There are many ways we can gain knowledge. Some of the ways include getting a course online, attending a webinar, reading a book, etc. All of these ways are great but they cannot be replaced with what a good mentor can teach you.

So, What are Mentors Good For? Mentors are good for walking you through the process of how they might think about making the proper decision. Some people think that we go with a simple question and they give us advice, which is fairly not the correct approach of getting mentored.

Most of us believe that we only need one mentor and he or she would turn our life around. While that is not totally true because yes they can turn your life around but only a certain part of your life, say your startup. We all must get different mentors for all different areas of our lives. And if you’re serious about getting your life on track you must understand what are things mentors are good for. In this article, I would be highlighting 8 things Mentors are Good for.

They have been there – 

If you want to know one big benefit of having a mentor is that they are already sailing the boat that you want to sail. In fact, Not only are they sailing the boat but they have also witnessed some uneven waves that they have already tackled in their journey. Therefore, getting a mentor would give you a first-hand experience of how to sail your boat correctly by minimizing the errors.

Alright enough of expressions, the point is they have already made the mistakes in the journey that you can avoid. We all get to a point when we feel stuck and struggle to make progress. A mentor, however, can share valuable insights and knowledge which you on your own might learn through some hardships and struggle. This would drastically decrease your time to reach the top of your goals and achieve want you want. It can be your business or your health or even your personal development. 

To identify a mentor that is living your life. Below are the questions that you must ask yourself-

  • Is this where I see myself in 5 years?
  • What do they have at the moment that I do not?
  • What is the gap between the mindset?

They are Unbiased and True

Mentors are someone who provides us with the feedback our friends and family member would not do out of the relationship. Our loved ones do not provide us with the feedback because they think that it might hurt our feelings and hence this soft approach would generally hold us back. In this case, what we need the most is hard but true feedback that would give us the knowledge we need. 

Mentors, on the other hand, would prefer the facts rather than personal feelings and ask you some hard and difficult questions to make you look at the situation as it is. Their straightforward approach would show you the true mirror of how things should be if we need to achieve our goals. 

For Example – If you wanted to lose 2 kilograms in a certain span of time, your loved ones because they are emotionally attached to you would rather tell you that you look slimmer. But a mentor would actually tell you what went wrong and how you can do better. 

They Can Help you Create your Network

Anyone who has successfully created a network knows two things. First, that networking is really important, and second, they know that networking can be draining, awkward and time-consuming. However, given how difficult networking is, Networking is one of the most critical and important ways to boost your career and your Mentor would already know that.

So how does a mentor help with networking? A mentor, during his run, would already be aware of some people that are required at the right time. Hence, if you are stuck with something a mentor would recommend the right person suited to do the desired task.

For example – Let’s say you have a startup and you have issues with finding the right people. Your mentor, who is most likely to own a startup or is now a full-time entrepreneur, would already know some people in the Human Resource space that can get you the right kind of people. 

They Help you Find your Vision

If you want to visually see your goal at any moment in time. All you have to do is close your eyes and visualize it. The vision that you get is not merely a daydream but rather it is the real picture of the actions you would be taking to achieve those goals. It is one of the most critical tools you would require to set yourself up for success.

How can a mentor help with having a vision? No matter who you pick as your mentor in whatever field of expertise. One thing that would be common is that they know what a vision can do for them. The reason why you have chosen them as your mentor is that they are successful and success comes when you had a vision of what you need. So if you are struggling with finding your own vision a great mentor would be easily able to guide you step-by-step on how you can create yours. 

For Example – If you’re running a business at the moment and you are unsure about its future. A mentor would ask you questions like where do you see your business in 10 years? What is your purpose? What action plans do you have in place, etc. A mentor would be asking questions like these would help you find your vision.

They Can Guide you Towards a New Path Altogether

People who are keen on changing themselves take a path towards self-development and apply certain principles that teach them how to improve their standard of living. Your thoughts and experiences are different today then it was five years ago or maybe 10 years ago. Therefore, time brings us knowledge and we learn through it. 

A mentor who has many experiences around his sleeves knows and thinks differently than how we do with limited knowledge. They know answers to the questions that we may not likely know today. Therefore, they can create a path for you that you may not likely be aware of and guide you through it. 

For Example – Assume that you created a product for your consumer and you find out that the product creates some issues after a while. However, your mentor would not see it as an issue and would advise you to create another product so that you can solve the issue.

They Can Teach you to Develop a Positive Attitude

Until now, we’ve been mostly talking about mentors in the professional space and how they can help you. However, you can have multiple mentors for different areas of your life. You can have a mentor for your mental health, a mentor for your physical health, etc. In every space, however, one thing which is common though is that mentors develop a positive attitude.

Throughout the journey, we experience a lack of vision and motivation. Mentors understand that we are not perfect and may experience some shortcomings. However, they have set strategies and to-dos in place when we experience these hardships and their advice guides us towards making the right decisions about dealing with those hardships.

For Example – We would be experiencing a lack of vision due to some reason and a mentor would ask us to ask ourselves some series of questions that would walk us out of that state. 

They can relate to your shortcomings

No one is ever good at everything. If the world was filled with perfection we all would have a lottery ticket in our pockets? But the world is not perfect and we don’t have a lottery ticket in our pockets that is why there are some shortcomings in each of us. I am not good at playing soccer but I am good at playing FIFA. Someone would be good at playing soccer and FIFA both.

The point is we all have limited abilities and so does your mentor. But your mentor would be able to relate to your issues and show empathy with them. He would understand your issues because somewhere or the other he too faced this issue and the best part. He knows the workaround. He can guide you and take measures to overcome your shortcomings.

For Example – If you had a startup and probably lost an investor your mentor would say something like ‘I’m sorry this is so discouraging now’ but here’s what you do to make things work.

They can teach you something new

There is not one person in the world who can claim to know everything. Everyone is limited with knowledge, which is why we say that knowledge is evergreen and there is no age to get the knowledge you desire. 

You and I are limited with our knowledge too and since knowledge comes with time, a mentor who is probably older than us would have more knowledge and has the ability to teach us something new. It can be anything. It can teach us how to be a better communicator, better listener, or better at everything. Therefore, this is one of the most important things mentors are good for.

For example – If you don’t know how to talk in meetings, a mentor would guide you and probably help you out with the most frequent questions.

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