List of Best Goal Setting Apps in 2021

Making a positive impact in your life is never too late. Whether your resolutions have not quite worked out or you want to get rid of a lifelong habit, it is critical to find a sustainable way to track your goals. If you have not set any goals yet, checkout our Ultimate Guide to Goal Setting.

Tracking your goals daily make them feel more real and attainable concepts. Whether you’re preparing for 2021 or want to want to track your Goals, these Goal Setting Apps keeps your accountable on the improvements you would need to make for future.

  1. is one of the best Habit/Goal Tracker Apps ever. Apart from the best features that this app brings you, it also has a visually appealing UX. This App was first formally known as Lift before it pivoted to

How does this app works?

It is very simple and easy to use. Initially you need to have a set target in mind than this help comes into picture.

  1. Set the Goals you want to Track.
  2. Login everyday and you would be provided with a clean slate where you note down your accomplished goals.
  3. Check and review the stats accordingly.

The analytics are free for up to 5 goals after which you need to pay to track more.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. Strides

If you want to get organized and track habits strides is the app to go for. This app reminds you about your progress of a new habit by sending alerts. Tracking your Habits has been easy with strides. No matter what you want to track from tracking your sleep to your monthly budget. This app is the way to go.

How to use this app?

  • Download the app from Apple Store and Install it
  • Register yourself on the app.
  • On the Dashboard you would find four tracker types
    • Habit Tracker – It can be good or bad.
    • Target – Set Goal Value by Date
    • Average – Analyze the progress average
    • Project – Set various projects.

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  1. Way of Life

Way of life is one of the best habit tracking apps out there. Trying out the app is free of cost. Simply, add a to do in the journal and the app uses your phones notification setting to remind you of the task.

By creating this To-do list, tracking process becomes simple. This app also has a trend tab that allows you to track your progress. This allows you to make necessary changes to your daily habit. If you have queries regarding the app the setup tour guide is helpful. If you are struggling to get on track with your Goals, this app will help you get back on track.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. Toodledo

If you are looking for a simple software that allows you to manage your daily personal and professional tasks, Toodledo is the software you would require.

Great for day procrastinators, this powerful task manager helps you get more done. Now you can Sync Toodledo with all your devices which can be used anytime and anywhere.

Whether it is about getting organized or staying on track with your Goals, Toodledo has got your back covered.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. Habitica

There may be hundreds of Time Management Apps out there but Habitica slays them all. The inbuilt system in Habitica is designed to keep you motivated and inspired. What is cool about this app is if you are an avid gamer this app is built for you because it is an RPG styled time management app.

How does it work?

It works completely as an RPG game. The character in the app advances as you complete your task and goals set by you. If you fail to complete the task the character takes damage. Your task is to keep the character moving.

The dashboard has a few columns; Habits (Habits you want to track) To-do list (Task lists) and Dailies (Your Day-to-Day Tasks). If you love gaming and need a productivity app. This app is for you.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. ATracker

One of the limited resources in the world is Time. One of the most common excuse of not doing a task is also Time. Thankfully Atracker gets rid of all your excuses and manages time like a boss. Atracker app is minimal in use as it requires minimum setup.

What is amazing in this app?

One of the standout features about this app is that it can generate accurate analytics data using a pie and bar chart. These charts show you the amount of time you spend doing various task on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.

Every activity is customizable, and you can add various icons to differ it from one another. Count on Atracker for your Time Management and you would never be disappointed.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. Streaks

Habits are the sources of getting great results. Traditional task managers fail to infuse new habits because it contradicts with what have do vs what you want to do. The friendly interface of streaks app keeps you engaged with graphs and charts.

What is included –

While first opening the app, you are first asked to add a habit that you want to change or track. Then you must add the task you need to do to change that habit. The habits also have a reminder option to keep you on the track. This app all in all is the perfect app to keep a track of your habit.

Download for Android / ioS

  1. Habit bull

As the name suggest this app is also about tracking and managing your daily habits. This app keeps you mindful by sending you reminders for the habit you want to track.

There are various guides/tutorials that help you guide on using the app. This app claims to keep doing a thing for 66 days to create it as a habit. The journey to creating a new habit and breaking and old one is never an easy task but with apps like these Habit tracking becomes easier to track and improvise.

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