How to Stop Caring what People Think - Case Study

Planning to step out and make a name for yourself? Ready to finally achieve what you always dreamt of? But what will they say about this decision of mine? Will they accept it? Will they support me? What will they think! And the fear gets bigger and bigger. Been there?  If not, then soon you will be when you think of making it on your own. So, How to Stop Caring what People Think?

Understand this, When you try to make it on your own you do come across various types of fears. Those are –

  • Fear of Failure
  • Fear of opinions
  • Fear of rejections

Today we are going to talk about the Fear of Opinions and How I battled it and got promising results. Fear of opinion, I believe, kicks in to your life when you are not sure about the thing that you want to do. Your decision about getting what you want is not firm and therefore its wavering.

Let’s understand my story and how I made it through –

The Story

It was the year 2018 and I was working as a Digital Marketing Executive but I was specialized In Social Media Marketing. I was in that field for around a year and a half and things were going well. Not until the start of Mid-May of 2019, I was given a small task regarding SEO (Search Engine Optimization). I took it up and ironically, I enjoyed the task know as ‘Keyword Research’

I asked myself that if this task was fun how are the other tasks into this field and I did a small research about it. What came to my knowledge is this field is all about getting your website on top of search engine to increase visibility and that got my attention. I went ahead and discussed the same with my senior that can I be more involved in to that field but the position had been filled.

Now as the stubbornness inside me kept me thinking about that field, I started disliking about what I was doing, because for the first time I enjoyed the task that I was doing and had no sense of time at all. A month passed by and I still kept on thinking about the fact that I can get in to this field if I wanted to then what is stopping me?

Answer – The Fear of Opinion.

I was now specialized in one part of the field (Social Media) and had to jump over to the next field (SEO) so I would have to start from the bottom again. That is learn what is all this about and probably get a job as an intern again. (At that time, I was Social Media Executive and was soon about to get promoted to Social Media Expert)

What will people say? How will my parents react? What will the next interviewee think about the shift in job? And Various other questions that popped into my head.

And this is what happened next and how I dealt with it!

1. Know the Outcome



Don’t take any decisions when you are Happy? Ever heard this quote? I was well aware of this quote and I repeatedly thought about is it that whether or not is it dopamine or I actually liked the field. It turns out that yes, I did actually like the field because after that day I read many many articles about the field and my interest in the field had just kept on rising.

Therefore, it is very important to know what you truly want.

Sometimes we tend to make some decisions based on one aspect but we have to recheck it until we have a confirm answer.

But why is this important you might ask?  For simply one sole reason – To understand what you truly want!

2. I had an action plan


After I made up my mind that this was something I actually wanted. I went ahead and created an action plan. Obviously, I still had my job just in case something doesn’t work out but I was constantly working on my action plan.

What was my action plan?

My action plan included –

1. Finding the list of resources that provided me with the opportunity to learn more about the field.

2. The list of agencies that provided me with the opportunity as a fresher (Because I had to get started as a fresher again).

3. How long would it take to implement what I will learn through the resources that I found.

I had all these answers in place and once I knew the direction, I have to head towards then I just had to discuss with my family

Why was this step important?

Look having a goal is a good thing but having a goal and having no clue about the direction is like running in the dark. Therefore, it is very much important to know where you’re headed towards so that your decision becomes firmer and you have more surety.

3. I discussed it with my family



Living in an Indian Family means discussing every step of your life with your elders so that we get proper guidance and knowledge or simply we do it out of respect. It was no different for me. While we were enjoying dinner at home, I told my parents that I would like to quit my job. With a small pause in the moment my family started asking me question whether I was not happy or had some pressure at work and many other questions.

I did tell the entire story (I also had to explain what job I was doing and what I had in mind) and after the story I was just asked if I had the plan as to what will I do next (This is why you need to have an action plan ready) and I did had a plan and told my father everything about it.

Luckily this step was easy for me and I did get the green signal from my place.

Today within one year I was promoted to a mere Executive to Manager level and It all happened because of my fearlessness towards what will others say.

With the right mindset and action you can definitely achieve any height you set your mind to.

It all comes down to one thing.

If you actually want what you love you will go ahead and do it regardless of opinions and fingers.

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