Here's How Much a Career Counsellor Would Charge You

Loving your career is the fundamental thing that is required to lead a happy life. It’s common for people to get distracted, diverted, and demotivated in their careers hence we seek help from our Friends and Family. Hopefully, there are Career Counsellors that can help you tackle your challenges in your career. This article would clear all the air regarding a career counselor.

First things first, How Much Does Career Counseling Cost? An Experienced Career Counselors may charge an Average of 40$ to 200$ per Session in various major countries. These prices may differ based on Expertise and Services.

For many professionals, this average shall not be too expensive as the return on investment is even greater. But how much does it cost in the United States or the United Kingdom?

Career Counsellor Average in Major Countries

Usually, there are professional fees charged by the career counselors in exchange for the services that they provide. A great career counselor helps in both, choosing a career and growing in a career while we’re stuck. It is advisable to find a career counselor in your field of work and get career advice from them. 

  • United States of America – Average Career Counselors would charge on a per hour basis between $80 to $150.
  • Canada – Average Career Counselors would charge between $100 to $200 per sitting
  • India – Average Career Counselors would charge between $60 to $200 per sessions
  • Australia – Average Career Counselors would charge between $100 to $300 per sessions
  • South Africa – Average Career Counselors would charge between $40 to $120 per sessions or per hour basis
  • The United Kingdom – Average Career Counselors would charge between $50 to $100 per sessions or per hour basis
  • Singapore – Average Career Counselors would charge between $45 to $135 per hour or 2 hour

These are the few averages of the well-known countries in the world that may differ based upon the expertise and services that they provide.

Right Time to Visit a Career Counsellor

Career Counselors are enormous assets in your life that help you to find your career and grow it. Truly speaking there is no right time to visit a career counselor. Offer few signs may indicate that a career counselor would be useful.

You Cannot Find your Passion – A healthy and happy career always revolves around how passionate we are for what we do. However, few people find their passion early in their lives, and some struggle to find it at all. This is when you require a Career Counselor. A career Counselor would help you identify your beliefs and values which would help you identify your true self. With this knowledge, you can make a better decision for your career.

Become Better at your Current Role – No matter how good we are, there is always a scope for improvement. A person that keeps on learning has a higher chance of finding internal peace and success. But what if you don’t know the scope of improvement? This is when you need a career counselor. A counselor would help you confront a difficult situation like dealing with your bosses or your co-workers. They can also help you with the ideation process as they are well updated in the market so that you can get better ideas that help you grow in your career.

Develop a Necessary Skill for a Particular Job – None of us are perfect. There are some skills that we can acquire at any moment in our life. A career counselor would help you identify and develop those skills. A perfect career counselor knows the skills that are demanded in the market, hence, it can help you prepare.

You have less confidence in Interviews – Have you ever just went blank during an interview? At some point, we all faced that embarrassment out of fear or out of low confidence. As I’ve mentioned,  a great career counselor would know the skills that are demanded in the market. He also knows the question that is asked during the interviews. Conducting a Mock Interview and with a career, the counselor provides you with the necessary knowledge and builds confidence. You would also get feedback so that you can improve your shortcomings.

Build a Level of Satisfaction in your Job – It is possible that even after doing great at a particular job you could be unsatisfied when you come back home. Some people learn things quickly and they perform better, However, it is not necessary that if you perform better you like your job. A career counselor can just help you with identifying your needs that are unmet in your current job profile and get solutions for them.

You have the talent but you have Low Focus – There is much reason which determines your level of focus on something and sometimes we have the necessary skills but our focus is not concrete. This may be because of our creativity and talent but career guides can give us a rock-solid reason. As discussed, Career Counselors would help you identify your passion, personality, and talent and thus provide a better solution that would improve your focus.

How to Find and Choose a Perfect Career Counselor

There are several different ways that you can use to find a perfect career counselor for yourself. 

Remember – Always find a career counselor from your respected Job Profile or Desired Job Profile

Start by Asking your Friends and Family – Career Counselors are getting more and more popular as people have been left unemployed due to the virus. Therefore, A great way to find one is simply to ask your contacts because someone at some point has had a career counselor.

Get in touch with your School or College Office – Most of the schools and colleges conduct a career counseling session that helps you choose the right path in your career. You can contact your school or college to get more details. If a college does not have Career Counseling for some reason it may recommend you a College Alumni. They also tend to charge lower fees than a personal counselor. They might just have a detail or the list of Private Counselors available.

Just Google – The ultimate source for most of the knowledge is Google. Simply type in a few keywords like ‘Career Counselors near me’ or ‘Best Career Counselors in [Your Location]’. Google will provide you with the list of resources and contact numbers that you can contact.

Explore the Government Sites – Many Governments across the world have come up with Career Enhancement Schemes which includes Career Counseling. For instance this Career Program by the U.S Department of Education and this career scheme by the Indian Government. Simply put the keyword ‘Government Site Career Counseling in [Your Country Name]’ and you would get an Official Government site that would meet your career counseling needs.

Choosing a Right Career Counselor – 

Most of the people would check what career counselors could bring to the table but that is the second half of the battle. The first half of the battle is to answer some questions that would help you find the best career counselor for your needs.

Start by asking these questions –

  • What Exactly do you need help with? (You cannot find your passion, You have no motivation, You feel stuck, etc)
  • What type of person do you work best with? (Think of the qualities of a person who have encouraged you in past)
  • What is your Budget?
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