Here's How you can be Confident without having an Attitude

We’ve seen many instances when we fail to determine whether or not someone is Confident or Arrogant or worst we fail to understand ourselves if we are confident or cocky. I use to think I was confident but certain behavior just determined myself as arrogant. This article will save you from further embarrassment. 

So, How to have Confidence without Attitude? A Confident person has a Positive Attitude towards his or her ability and has an open mind to learn and explore new things in life without acting jealous or uncertain towards another person. 

A Confident individual has certain traits that distinguish him from the arrogant one. It is easy to label yourself as Arrogant is don’t know the major differences between a Confident person and a Person with Attitude

Difference between Confidence and Arrogance

People with Bad Attitude are not Learners

Arrogant people will have a hard time being productive and produce progressive results. They are generally ignorant and this stops them from learning new things. Arrogance forces them to stop learning as they think they know everything. 

They completely choose to ignore someone else’s opinion as they are too rigid to force their beliefs onto someone. If you ever encounter a moment when someone fails to admit their mistakes even after showing the facts that means you are dealing with a Cocky guy.

Whereas, one of the signs of a confident learner is they are good at learning. They possess a belief that Learning is never-ending. It is a journey than a destination. Hence, when you encounter a person that asks you questions to learn more about a topic. He is confident!

They want to only talk about themselves 

A person that is not sensitive towards another person’s needs is one who is arrogant. These human radios are very much self-obsessed. They play their tape and refuse to listen or understand the other person. 

To identify the Narcissist, simply start a conversation with them and check where the conversation is going. If you see that the conversation goes back to them. You can find new friends then.

Whereas, A confident individual promotes a healthy conversation while being supportive. They are interested to hear out your story and even if they have doubts they would ask politely. 

The Body Language

People who have a bad attitude usually avoid eye contact. Especially when you are having a conversation or debating on a topic and suddenly you hit them with facts and they just look away. That is the sign of being arrogant. The deadpan face makes the conversation look unengaged and hence the conversation gets over. 

However, A confident individual would have a small grin and you can check their facial expression which would depict that they accept their loss.

How to Identify if I’m Confident or Just have a Bad Attitude

Use Success Stories –

To identify whether or not you are confident or arrogant you can use success stories of your life and someone else’s life. This quick test would either make you feel proud and confident or jealous and uncertain. This is how you use it –

Step 1 – Think of a moment in your life when you did extremely well in terms of growth and got great results

Step 2 – How do you feel? 

Do you feel more certain or do you feel like it was nothing? If you feel certainty and confidence then you are confident and if you feel like meh! Then you probably need to work towards building healthy confidence levels

How do you Compare –

Humans are called the Comparing Creature. We compare all the time. Although we should not practice the extreme of it healthy comparing nature can put us in good spots. How can compare help us to identify if we are confident or arrogant? 

When we compare we have two options either we see what is possible in our power or we become insecure. If you feel optimistic after comparing yourself to others you are confident. On the other hand, if you find yourself ignorant you are Arrogant.

Do you Acknowledge your Weaknesses – 

Knowing your weaknesses is crucial to have a stress-free life. If one is aware of the shortcomings they possess it helps them to plan accordingly. One of the simplest ways to acknowledge your Self Esteem is to be aware of your weaknesses. 

So how do you deal with your weaknesses? Do you acknowledge them and work towards a better version of yourself or do you ignore the fact altogether that you have any weaknesses? To find this out. Firstly, remind yourself of your short-comings. What is it that you want to work on? Then analyze the weaknesses and see how you react to them.

Confidence without Attitude Examples

Case Study 1 – 

Two years ago, I was looking for a better career opportunity and I came across a job that fit my needs. After being selected I started working on a job and it was chill. The workload at my previous firm was too much and I barely got time to work on myself. However, with this new job, things were different and I was not as pressurized.

However, there were instances during my second job where my seniors made me feel like a complete beginner and I first started to not like it. However, I did not speak about it and this went on a few times. 

One day I realized that the things that I thought I knew had a different meaning to them. So, I developed a confidence that there is more to learn than what I already know. After this instance many times I was treated like a beginner but now I had the confidence in me that there might be something that I can learn from each. Hence I did forget my little arrogance of “I know it already” and accepted that there is more to learn.

Case Study 2 – 

I am fond of outdoor games, especially cricket. I have a good friend who never really liked cricket so we invited him to cricket and he did join us in some instances. After playing sometimes he got better at it and all my other friends including myself got jealous of him and stopped inviting. 

Although, he was better than all of us he would call up and ask me to go to practice with him and would teach me stuff as to how he played the stroke. After this incident, I noticed that he used to care a lot and was excited to teach how he did it. 

This not only depicted his confidence but also forced me to gulp down my attitude and develop the confidence in growing together.

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