Here's How You Can Tell Yourself You're Confident

Confidence is the most untapped resource in Human Potential. For years, I had been battling a Lack of Confidence in my Personal and Professional Life but these simple tips changed my life. 

First things first. What does Confidence Feel like? A Confident person would generally feel like he understands the foundation of a given topic and has a sense of surety about it. The person listens carefully to understand rather than listening to respond. Once the person listens carefully, he responds thoroughly without fear or arrogance.

Most people misunderstand Confidence with Arrogance and thus identifying whether or not you are confident in any given moment is a crucial skillset you must have to avoid any potential embarrassment

What is the Behavior of a Confident Person


They Maintain a Healthy Eye Contact

Eye contact is definitely a challenging task for most of us but for the person that is confident, will look into your eyes while listening and speaking. A Confident person maintains healthy eye contact. It makes people uncomfortable if we stare too long.

Hence, there should be eye contact for 4-5 seconds with a glance to the side. While glancing towards the side it is advisable to look away slowly or else glazing away too soon may make you appear Shy or less Confident. 

They ask Questions

Being confident has a lot to do with having knowledge about a given topic. However, Confident people admit that they don’t know everything. Therefore, they ask various questions. 

To gain knowledge one must ask questions because a question comes with an answer and an answer comes with knowledge.

Their Posture is Great

Many researchers have found that posture and confidence are dependent on each other. Would you rather be having a slouched movement when you are confident or would you be having a strong and firm movement? The answer is obvious.

The research found that people who were told to sit up straight were more likely to believe thoughts they wrote down while in that posture concerning whether they were qualified for a job.

They are OK to Say No

Saying no for most of us is hard. We never like saying no to the other person because we feel we might hurt their feelings. On the contrary, if we start saying no that does not align with our beliefs and goals we build confidence within ourselves as it gives us a clearer picture of ourselves.

Confident people do not hesitate to say a No. They cushion the no with a compliment of kindness which does not hurt the feelings of the other person. 

A Confident person would say a No like – The trip you’ll are planning is intriguing and I’m glad you asked me, but it’s not a good time for me to go.

You Feel the Energy

Confident people not only appear energetic but they feel the energy within. When someone is confident they will talk with a voice level that is above average, have raised eyebrows, and would constantly make gestures using their hands.

It is almost like when someone is hyper but the feeling is different. It feels like we anticipate another question. Or feel like the last question was nothing for them.

They do not pass any judgments quickly – 

Most of us tend to pass judgments quickly. Even I do that but that is Human Nature. This is not always useful. Most of the time people just take a look and pass the judgment which confident people do not do.

They seek out more information until they have exhausted all information. Once they are sure about their judgments they say them in a respectful way.

What do you feel when you’re confused?


To build more confidence we also must learn about the behavior of a confused person. It is as critical as learning about confidence as it would give you a chance a dig deeper within yourselves and check for these bumpers.

You have no Clarity

Not having enough clarity creates uncertainty in our lives. Clarity is the fundamental thing you want in your life to get confidence. It helps us to stay focused, take action and get great results. A lack of clarity generally causes confusion and a lack of action-driven measures.

Remember when you are late to a get-together and your friends have already started a conversation but you do not know what is it that they are talking about and you’re just blank. This is why one of the most noted behavior in confused people is Lack of Clarity.

You have less Focus

Have you ever felt like a challenge when you have to go through a task with little to no concentration? That is because of the less focus that you have. Focus can occur when you are committed to one thing and rejects every other thing. 

Focusing on one thing is difficult when there is a dip in confidence. People that are less confident tend to be thinking about something else. They are not present at the moment and hence distraction in focus occurs.

You do not communicate well

Confidence and Communication particularly go hand in hand. If you are confident about a topic you can communicate about it for hours whereas if you are not confident about a certain topic the burden hits differently. 

To explain this even better, when was the last time you communicated well? One thing that would’ve been common is that you knew the topic quite well so that makes communication easier. Hence it is critical that to build confidence you must understand the basics of the topic which would enable you to communicate well.

The Body Language

Your body language projects confidence to other people but there is a certain feeling that you feel, certain gestures that you make when you are confident as oppose to when you are not confident. Having a slumped shoulder and a lousy tone can put confidence at the bay

Imagine the time when you were completely confident. How did you talk? What your tone like? Did you make any special gestures? Did you breathe shallow or full? Answering these questions can be critical to understanding your body language when you are confident and when you are not. Mental focus does determine your body language.

What are some Examples of Being Confident?


Michael Jordan and his Confidence

Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials MJ, is an American businessman and one of the best professional basketball players. But he had a challenging start. Did you know that he was once told that he was not good enough to play basketball?

During his formative years, Michael Jordan failed to make it to the team but there was a burning desire in him that did not stop him from who he is today. He already knew basketball so he spent time perfecting his skills and preserving them. 

He chose to focus on what he was capable of and defied all negative talks that talked him down. His clarity in what he wanted to achieve helped him boost his confidence and Thanks to the confidence he’s one of the most famous basketball players ever to live.

Harriet Tubman and her Confidence

Harriet Tubman was an American Abolitionist and a Political Activist. As supreme the story might sound further it was not all better for her during her early days. During the dark ages in America, Harriet Tubman was being sold to forced labor as a Black Women. While it was being carried out on a large scale nobody dared to speak up because they were scared. 

However, Harriet Tubman was different. She did not choose to accept her conditions as a slave instead she chose freedom. She was very confident to get away with this miserable life as a slave and create something extraordinary. 

She was aware of her capabilities and because of her confidence, she freed over 750 Slaves and herself as Justice for Freedom. 

The Story of Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt married Franklin Roosevelt at the age of 21. F.Roosevelt however was struck by Polio and his legs were paralyzed. But he was still in politics, You know why? Because of Eleanor Roosevelt. 

Thanks to the efforts of Eleanor, Franklin was elected as U.S President in 1932.

How can you relate to this story? Eleanor knew that her husband was excellent at politics and her confidence in him held him in the politics and not look at his disabilities.

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