Here's Why Productivity Apps Don't Work

For some years now, Productivity apps have been in the market. But are they effective? Do they provide the desired results? Well, some people think that getting an app would make you productive but that is not true. This article is all about why these don’t work.

Why Productivity Apps Don’t Work? Productivity is the result of Understanding the Goals, Acknowledging the Challenges, and getting the desired results with Minimum Resources. Because it is subjective, none of the apps in the market can make you productive as it is a process.

So, what shall we do? Shall we give up on productivity? How do we learn it? See, most people are naturally good at it but some ways can make you productive but it takes patience. Practice these tips for a month and you would be shocked to see the results.

These Quick and Exercises are Way Better then an App –

Silence all Notifications – 

A me-time is a must in today’s stressful digital world. Cellphones are the no.1 reason for us to get distracted. The Data from the University of California Irvine shows that it takes about 23 minutes on average for your mind to concentrate back on your original task. Thus, it is crucial to keep your focus intact. Why are we talking about distractions and Focus? It’s simple. When you Focus on a particular task and provide 100% Concentration you tend to be more productive and alive than if you were just distracted by your Notification.

Use the 90/10 Rule – 

What does it mean? When you sit for work, Focus is critical to get more productive. However, getting fresh air every 50 minutes is crucial too. A sound mind works well if it is not bounded by fatigue. Taking 10 Minutes to break every 50 minutes can boost your energy levels, restore your mental peace and allow you to perform better and productive. 

You don’t necessarily want to be doing the same thing again and again in this 10 Minutes Break. You can go out to grab a coffee sometime and on the other day just play a quick game on your cellphone. Just Refresh your Mental Resource.

Keep your Surrounding Minimal –

The pandemic has forced some of us to work from home and some workplace resuming their offices. However, no matter whether you work at home or in the office, you want to keep your surroundings decluttered. Many studies prove that having a decluttered surroundings promotes creativity and productivity. 

This removes the distractions that might occur with the cluttered tables and inspires you to get to work efficiently.

Meditate for 10 minutes daily. 

There is no set amount of time required to meditate but meditating 10 minutes a day is better than not doing it at all. It is subtle and gradual but once you have a habit of it, you can take out 10 minutes anywhere and declutter your mind.

How does it help to be productive? Our mind spends nearly 50% of the time wandering somewhere else. This makes us less focused and hence less productive. Meditation makes your mind quieter and improves your focus. Practicing Meditation daily can make our mind wander less and increase our productivity. 

Listen to Music – 

This is rather a quick solution to the mind that is often distracted. One of the things that I like to do when I am working is that I put on my earphones and listen to music. Now, you don’t want to listen to your favorite song and start grooving about it. Rather, you might want a classic instrument playing that blocks all the background noise that might distract you.

You can also go to YouTube and search for natural sounds or rain sounds to keep the distraction at the bay. 

What does it feel to be a Productive Person?

Many people around us are highly productive. Have you noticed them yet? Did you notice their Physical Appearance? Did you hear them speak? These are the skills that they subconsciously practice daily – 

They Understand the Priority –

Not everything that you have to do can be important. The highly productive people understand the difference between a task and a priority that requires your attention. Productivity is about doing the right thing and not just doing it. But how do you define what is on priority? 

Well, in personal life the priority can be defined by Understanding your Beliefs and Values. In professional life, however, you don’t get to choose mostly you just have to do what is on the table.

Productive People Plan – 

Proper planning is essential to your professional or personal life. This helps us to use time and other resources efficiently thus helping in achieving your goals. To decide whether or not you are productive or not, it is mostly decided by the time required to do a particular task. Productive people plan their day. It is the key to effective Time Management. This also helps to understand the priority and take action accordingly. 

They are Problem Solvers – 

It is said that your ability to make money is directly proportional to how well you solve a particular problem. In professional space, it is about solving the problems of your customers, and in personal space, solving the problems in our own life. We see and read about many productive entrepreneurs. This is because of one of the main characteristics of a productive person.

Just remember that problem solving and critical thinking both are quite different. However, both are related. Problem-solving is quick and requires quick actions. On the other hand, critical thinking involves mostly strategies.

Their Focus is Clear –

Focus is the essential component required to become more productive. People who possess productivity have a laser-like focus and can concentrate on things. Tuning out the distractions is necessary to improve your focus and this skill can be learned and cultivated across time.

They are Well-Organized –

Productive people have a set plan of action to work on. They can locate what they want and when they want to carry out their activities efficiently. People who are not well organized spend more time finding the things that can help them accomplish a particular task. This diverts your mind and hence makes you less productive.

They are Disciplined –

As we know, productive people have a clear focus and are well organized. This is because they are disciplined in nature. Let me ask you this. If you wanted a superpower in your life, what would it be? Everyone would use some of their favorite characters but Self-Discipline is the superpower we all require in our lives.

Productive people take accountability for their work and strive for constant improvement. If we don’t follow discipline we invite more health issues, a mess of emotions, and a cluttered thought process. Thus this structured approach to life has a massive impact on productivity.

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