How Can Motivation Affect your Behaviour

Motivation can be defined as the ability to respond appropriately to demands or incentives in any desired way. Motivation is a powerful force that has both positive and negative effects upon our lives. The positive effects are manifested in improved productivity, increased profitability, a healthy and balanced work environment, and less conflict, interpersonal tension, and interpersonal conflicts. 

So How Motivation Affects Behaviour? Motivation and human behavior are closely linked, as both are determined by self-interest. Motivation also affects individuals’ satisfaction with life, with high motivation levels, they feel more enjoyment from social interaction, have a greater commitment to their careers, and take up responsibilities seriously. It also affects a person’s level of personal efficacy, which is measured by their performance in achieving their goals and responsibilities.

To briefly understand the relationship between Motivation and Human Behavior there are various ways that Motivation Affects Human Behavior. We would be Highlighting a few of those behavior shifts in this article. Let’s check it out.

Ways Motivation Affect Human Behaviour

  • Willingness to Achieve the Goals

Motivation is extremely important to achieve your goals in life, especially when you are struggling with life. When you don’t have motivation, it can be difficult to get the things done that you need to and in your business especially. You might not always see it this way but there is a reason why most successful people are motivated.

The first thing in knowing how motivation can help you achieve your goals is when you write out a plan or action that you need to take to achieve your goals. When you feel yourself starting to get distracted, take a deep breath and get yourself back on track. 

You usually take some time to think about what it was that attracted you to the business or job in the first place and what it would be like to be successful at it. Motivation is important for success, because without it you will find that you will be easily discouraged.

Once you discover what it is that about your goals that motivates you then you can begin to use that to become more successful. This becomes a vicious cycle in itself.

  • It Decides Your Potential

Potential is defined as that which has not been reached or that which we have yet to attain. Many people have this notion that if they only work hard enough, or study hard enough, that they will reach their potential. But what is the meaning of ‘potential?’ How is it that some people already know their potential? While motivation has no direct connection with a Human Potential it definitely helps indirectly. 

How? When you set your eyes on a goal and achieve quick success you tend to get an idea of your potential. This potential is then powered up by motivation which again allows you to take decisions that would benefit you in future.

So the key is to know your potential, and use it to push forward towards your goals, and not allow any of your limiting beliefs to hold you back. If you think you are good enough or talented enough, use your inner motivation to fight these demons and get the success you desire!

  • It Decides your Emotional Well Being

Motivation is closely related to emotion. It is the internal drives toward a particular goal that leads one to reach it. Emotion is part of the mechanism that helps us to persist in the face of adversity or challenge.

We can think about emotions as arising and subsiding within us as a result of our internalized experiences. For example, you might notice that anger rises when you do something that makes you feel bad inside.

Motivation therefore can be derived as the force responsible for the emotional shifts. If you feel that you can do the task at hand then you are likely to have a different set of emotions as compared to when you feel you can’t do it.

  • It Can Either Make you Happy or Sad

Achieving anything worth having takes a strong sense of purpose and a willingness to use your power and achieve your goals. Once you are able to push yourself through the pain using motivation you will be able to make big changes in your own life, no matter what you need to do to get there. This will give you an amazing opportunity to live the happy life you really want.

On the other Hand if you have weak motivation it will have an adverse effect on yourself. When you have weak motivation you would take vague actions and when you take vague actions you would get a lousy result. Thus weakening your belief system even more. 

Therefore it is all about understanding how motivation makes you Happy. Once you understand how motivation and happiness connect, you can begin to use them to change your life for the better, develop a successful system for achieving your goals, and develop and implement new habits to help you reach your full potential.

  • It Creates a Hope

Everyone hopes for something, everything that can be hoped for. It is an inescapable part of being human. Hope is a kind of a force or energy that propels us forward towards our goals. Hope is a part of the universal self-narration about all that has been, is and will be. 

When you are motivated and you have the proper hope and optimism that you can achieve what you set out to do and you have the right attitude, you see things differently. If you are not as excited as you should be with your goals, and you lack the proper enthusiasm or hope that you can achieve them then you are less likely to persevere until you get there. It’s important to have a positive attitude and you need to be very determined and optimistic as well.

The more you are motivated for a better future, the more you will hope and have the ability to focus on what you want instead of negative thoughts. When you focus on the positive and not on the negative and you take massive actions and breathe deep and get in touch with your energy, you will see the results you desire.

  • Motivation and Cognition

Motivation and cognition are interrelated because they help each other to attain desirable ends. When cognition is properly directed, it can become a powerful force that shapes the course of an individual’s life. If the person is motivated, he can derive satisfaction from knowing that he is progressing in some manner and this satisfaction increases the likelihood of him taking future actions that would further the accumulation of his knowledge base.

However, people with poor Motivation and cognition can still get to their destinations; sometimes they may even reach them through ducking factors such as too many options, a weak sense of self, lack of direction and poor skills for facing challenges. 

  • Motivation and Performance

Motivation and performance are closely related. Motivation is nothing but our desire to achieve a particular goal. Performance on the other hand is the end result of our efforts and our ability to measure the end results. Motivation is what gets us going, keeps us going and ultimately determines the level and direction of our performance. It is what keeps us stopping and applying our energies in other directions.

Motivation affects the extent to which an individual will give a task his or her best effort, the extent to which an individual will reach a goal, and the quality with which he or she performs that task. The level of motivation that an individual has can be increased by providing clear and unambiguous incentives for performance, enhancing the individual’s exposure to positive rewards and recognition, and providing cues that reward performance

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