How to be Creative: All you Need to Know

Hey there! It’s given that you are looking to explore your mind that would help you think better and wiser but how do we do that? Is there a quick answer to this?

The answer is – There is no quick solution!

But this guide mostly covers all the possible questions that you might have in terms of How to be Creative.

To be creative we need to understand first –

What is Creativity?

So, what exactly is it?

As per Google – The use of Imagination or Original ideas to Create Something

Well this really does not solve many doubts in our head so this is what I define Creativity.

As per The Challenged Millennial – Creativity is a Unique Solution to a given problem.

Most of the time these unique solutions come to us when we have lack of resources to finish a given task.

That’s why it is well said that – You do not need more resources to get what you want, rather you need to be more resourceful to get what you want.

Since now you know What is Creativity, I assume you would like to know whether or not you are gifted.

To answer this question, I would like to put forth a research that was done by George Land

Research on Creativity

In 1968, Dr. George Land an author, speaker and consultant were approached by NASA and was informed to come up with a way to select the people that were most gifted. They developed it and worked really well.

However, Dr. George then took the test a bit further and tested the creativity of 1600 children and the results were astounding and they decided to turn it in to a longitudinal test

Later, they did the same test on those same children’s two more times every 5 years till the children were eventually 15 years old (same 1600 children that were the part of this test at 5 years of age).

Then they did that same test on the adults and we could not believe the results that were on the table.

Check out the graph below

The Challenged Millennial Graph

So, what do we conclude out of this study?

  • 98% of the Children’s at the age 5 were most intelligent
  • Children at the age 10 saw a drastic fall in creativity score (Only 30% were creative)
  • Children at 15 years of age also saw a drop in creativity (Only 12% were creative)
  • Only 2% of the adults were creative (Sample Size 1000000 Tests Done)

So why is that the kids are more smart than the adults?

Answer –

Kids are not tied up with the fear of Judgements or Criticism which is why they use their imagination to come up with the solution. (Divergent Thinking)

On the other hand, Adults are always criticized, judged and censored which restricts their ability to think creatively (Convergent Thinking)

Can you Build your Creative ?

If we extract the research proposed by George Land in his Longitudinal study what we can analyze is that we are all born creative.

If we’re born gifted then why do we lack creativity in our life?

As we grow older, we are tied up with many responsibilities and with responsibilities comes our exposure of being judged

Creativity is like any other skill that can be practiced and mastered. All you need is right exercises and guidance.

So, what are the exercises that help us to boost our creativity? There are 100’s of exercises on the internet. What is a good start?

Here is the list of Exercises you can do to boost your creative thinking –
  1. Draw –

One of the best ways to boost your creative thinking is to take a pencil and start drawing.

Select a picture of your loved one’s or from google and start drawing. Do not judge your drawing the first time. Give it some time and in no time, you would be able to put it on Instagram.

What Drawing does that is, it puts you in the right state of mind, Focus! Focus is an essential part to be creative and drawing improves your focus.

  1. Look Around –

What do I mean look around? Can I look around and be Innovative? Yes, I am pretty sure that we can do that.

What we need to do is look around and once we focus on an object, we should relate the shape or image of that object to something else.

Let me explain with an example-

I just look around my house and saw this –

What does it look like?

To me it looks like The Jokers Smile. Pretty creepy right?

Check this out


The point is this exercise can be done anytime and anywhere and it actually allows our mind to use our imagination.

  1. DIY once a week

What is DIY? DIY is do it yourself!  And how exactly does that help in boosting our creativity? I’ll explain.

A DIY is basically someone creating something with a limited or Minimum resource.

What you have to do is follow through and create something that they are creating and eventually you would come up with your own solutions to complete a task in a limited resource

  1. Set a time limit –

When you have to come up with a solution to a given problem within a limited time span, that is when your creativity is expressed.

To practice that what we can do is play a small game kind a thing. Pick a task that you have to do and set a minimum time required to complete that task.

Now, use all of your focus on completing that task and finish it within the set limit

This exercise would help your brain to not only focus on the task but also improve speed and performance, hence boosting creativity

  1. New word Sentence –

This is my favorite of them all! What is a New Word Sentence? It’s the exercise that puts your creativity at a test instantly and do not worry if you get it wrong the first time.

How does it work?

Its simple. Simply, pick a word from the dictionary and checkout its synonym. Now when you know what that synonym means put it in the sentence using the original word and check If you get it right.

This is the most fun exercise as sometimes you make a sentence that comes out as funny!

These were the list of exercise that would help you boost your creativity but what if you are unable to keep a focus? How do we tackle that issue?

Well, I also believe that mind wandering sometimes can be a good thing. What it does is it allows you to expand your imagination

Mind wandering helps you connect the dots. What it means is that some other experience in your life may help you to finish the current task allowing you to be creative.

But you have to be aware that mind wandering can be good but only if you are conscious about it or else you would just be wasting your time thinking about something else.

Is this a sure shot way to come up with creativity? Well not exactly.

There are some basic steps that I have noted down when it comes to How to Come up with Creative Ideas

  1. Observe

To come up with something creative to a given problem you first need to observe it in and out. You must have full knowledge about the task and have at least some basic knowledge about it

  1. Research

Checkout how others have dealt with that issue. Can you relate your issues and come up with better ideas? This is a crucial step since it would help you in the next step.

  1. Think

Creativity comes when you imagine and imagination requires thinking. We discussed the list of exercises that actually helps and challenges you to think better.

  1. Have Fun

After you get your mind in the right state it’s time to have fun because Creativity is a process of having fun with your brain.

These are the basic steps one needs to take in order to come up with creative ideas. There are some doubts that occur in our head that can we run out of creativity? Its highly unlikely that it happens.


Let us go back to the research section for a moment. We can see that even some few adults were still creative even in their 30’s.

All you need to make sure that you don’t allow fear of judgements. Once you let it go then there is no way that we can run of creativity.

Research Resource here

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