How to do Journaling for a Hobby?

While most of us are not stuck indoors, most of us are stuck inside our heads. Journaling has its benefits on our mental health and it promotes creativity and boosts your efficiency. We all want to learn and improve ourselves but have you thought of improving yourself and having fun? That is what Journaling would do for you.

Can you do Journaling as a Hobby? Yes, you can. Journaling is a way of noting down your emotions and has been proven to give you a mental detox. You can write down your craziest memory when you have a wonderful day or express your grief when you have a hard time.

With my experience, journaling has been a fun journey for me where I can write down my thoughts and be aware of everything that crosses my head. This is why nowadays I have healed almost from all the trauma and heartbreaks I suffered in the past. How can Journaling help you?

How is Journaling Good for you?


You Become more Mindful – 

There are hundreds of thoughts that cross our heads in one day. A study reveals that we spend almost 49% of our time thinking about the stuff that does not matter. When you begin journaling you may encounter certain thoughts and be like why did that cross my head?

It is completely ok to get random thoughts. It is not ok to let those thoughts control your emotions and costs your future. As the days pass, we become more and more mindful about the thoughts we get.

You Become more Self-Disciplined – 

When you take out 10 minutes of your time from your busy schedule it makes you a disciplined person. This is the fundamental skill that is required in the long run towards your bigger goals. We more time we commit to writing the more we create a habit of self-discipline. 

When you become disciplined with this habit. It takes you to another habit. For example, if you organize your desk every day before you leave you would also start keeping your bedroom or house organized before you leave for your work. Therefore, you become more self-disciplined.

You Improve your Communication Skills – 

Did you ever feel like you wanted to share something with your friend or colleague but you run out of words? We all get blank. Writing is an art of communication and is it is like speaking.  When you write down in your journal you are speaking to another person. At first, we might get blank as we do speaking but slowly and steadily we would learn.

This would improve our communication skills as journal writing encourages you to think and write and hence in real life you think and speak more efficiently.

You Get Creative – 

We get creative when we have ample knowledge and we make optimum use of it. With Journaling you would get varieties of thoughts in your head and you would be jotting it down. When you jot them down there are chances that some thoughts may strike creative ideas in your head.

Creativity also comes through conscious efforts. While you are writing down your thoughts and ideas you are conscious about your thoughts and hence creativity flows. Experts suggest that writing down three pages every morning can keep your creative juice flowing.

You Get More Confident –

We all get countless thoughts throughout our day. We become more mindful of the thoughts we get and hence some thoughts remind us of our positive experience. This releases dopamine in your head which allows you to relive the moment that you spent in the past. 

This creates confidence and getting these thoughts often creates a habit. That builds more and more confidence as the days go by.

Type of Journaling


Now that you know how journaling would bring joy into your life and make it better. It is time to understand various types of Journaling. There are many types of Journaling and each has its benefits. Let us check out so that you can make a better decision –

The Dream Journal – 

The dream journal as the name suggests helps us to relive our dreams. Dreams are all the things that have happened in our day or our life. It can be someone we met today or someone from years ago. This Journal works like a Dream Retention Book for you. 

Dreams are also a result of our subconscious thoughts that we have throughout the day. Hence, it also helps you to understand what your brain is thinking without your notice. 

The Artistic Journal –

This journal may sound like it is only for the artists but trust me it is not just for them. This generally should be responsible to bring all your creative thoughts to life. This journal preserves your creative ideas so that you can use them whenever you need a spark of creativity 

Benefits of Artistic Journals – 

  1. Store your Creative Ideas
  2. Store your memories from cultural events

The Gratitude Journal

The gratitude journal is to accept and acknowledge all the little things that you are grateful for. Many celebrities and personal coach suggests that keep a gratitude journal improves your focus and helps reduce stress. 

With the help of a gratitude journal, we can remind ourselves about all the things that are going well in our life and we’re thankful for it.

Benefits of The Gratitude Journal – 

  1. Improves your Focus
  2. Helps you identify the positive things in your life. 
  3. When you identify the good things and people in your life, you tend to develop a better relationship with them

Where to Start? What do you write while Journaling


Now that you know the positives of Journaling and have some ideas about types of Journaling, It is now time to start using this new hobby to improve your mental health and well-being. Don’t worry if you don’t do it well in the beginning, you would do good after a while. Below are the exact steps I used to start my journaling journey and Now I have almost 700 entries in my journal dedicated to well-being, happiness, and Positivity.

  • Get a Journal of your Choice – 

The first step to start a journal journey is to get a journal. You can choose from a variety of options available on Amazon or you can get it in your local stationery shop. Choose whatever suits you best and get a journal. 

  • Change your Mindset – 

This is the subset of the first step where you are on your way to getting a brand new journal just take a moment or two to find out why you chose to do it. What is the need? What is the fun part? What do you want to accomplish? It can be to improve your mental well-being or just that you want to understand your thoughts better.

  • Just start –

Most of the sites out there would ask you to pick a topic but I would suggest you straightaway start writing all the thoughts that you get. Be it negative or positive. Just start writing. Why should you start abruptly you may ask. This is because that we don’t have control over our thoughts and picking one specific topic like health would make you miss out on other thoughts. Sometimes these thoughts are indirectly related.

  • Set aside 20 minutes every day – 

Be it in the morning or the evening. You can be random for the first week to have a set routine. After which you might have to shift writing only in the morning or in the evening. Why should you be random the first week? This is crucial to understand when do you get the thoughts the most in the entire day. Mostly it would be in the evening for most of you. But for me, it was morning because I was free in the morning and occupied during the day.

  • Just write without stopping for correction – 

This part is the meat of Journal writing. Here you just write down things as they come into your head. You can adjust the grammar later on but writing as your mind speaks is necessary. Let’s say your mind makes up a sentence half in English and half in a foreign language, do not edit it to your convenience.

  • Analyze your writings – 

I use to re-read it on the spot after the 20 minutes mark to understand why I was thinking the way I was thinking and understand my reasoning behind it. This step should clarify your doubts about your thoughts.

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