How to Improve Yourself and Your Life

Human race is all about learning from your past experience. Bigger the experience, Greater the learning. Good thing is we live in a digital world and hence we don’t need to go through a situation to learn something. We can learn from other people’s experience.

No matter where you are in your life, there is always a scope of improvement. Whatever struggle that life has put you in, is an opportunity for you to be a better version of yourself.

Before we hop onto the list of ways to improve yourself, a crucial simple steps is to understand the process of improving yourself.

Step 1 – Get the right mindset

For any professional, spiritual, Personal Development, the pre-requisite is the right mindset. We must understand the why behind our goal. This is crucial because it gives a deep meaning to our goal, makes our believe rock solid and keeps us motivated throughout.

Step 2 – Know your Path

Being motivated and pumped up is one part of the story. Knowing the right path is another. They both are interconnected. You can be Motivated and Run in the wrong Direction. Hence it is required to get an action plan towards your goal. Action plan could include – Getting a Mentor, Reading a Case Study.

Step 3 – Stay!

Understand that it is ok to fail couple of times. Rome was not built in a day either. We can start with a right mindset but after a while we all get caught up in Law of Familiarity and get Demotivated. Means we start taking things a little bit for granted and hence end up being lazy or chilled about our ‘why’. There are some Few apps that you can checkout to build and stay on a habit.

Remember that the habits are not made in a day or two. You must be consistent. That being said checkout 50 ways to improve yourself –

  1. Read at least one book a month

Remember the good old quote – Knowledge is Power? It is extremely true. Irrespective of Book Type or Genre, just pick a book according to your taste and start reading. This will improve your focus & concentration and creativity.

  1. Practice Gratitude

One of the powerful natural tool humans are gifted with, is the ability to show gratitude. Sadly, not many people make use of it but it improves our perception of our life. If you are unsure of the things, here’s what to be grateful for

  1. Wakeup early

Sleeping habits of the Millennials are haywire. Today we spend more time binge watching in the night then communicate with our close ones. This should be change as most successful people on the planet would advise to get up early.

  1. Start Meditation

Looking to improve your mental peace? Meditation is the answer. Getting a class, tutor or simply opting for an online program for meditation is very easy and we all have heard about the benefits of meditating daily.

  1. Chuck out Toxic People

Your mental peace is in your hands. Toxic people do more harm than good. It is necessary to remove these kinds of people out of your life so that we do not catch up with their negativity.

  1. Keep your circle small but meaningful

Socializing is a human behavior. We do need a group of people to rely on but not a lot of them. A true set of friends shall not sugar coat you but point out your flaws to make you a better person mentally and spiritually.

  1. Start a workout

What is a better way to improve yourself then improving your physical body? Your appearance brings out the best in you. When you feel good, you will be motivated to improve other aspects in your life.

  1. Start Journaling

Journaling should not only be about appreciating what you have but it can also be about writing down your daily mood, noticing something in your life and of course jotting down the things you are grateful about

  1. Change your dressing style

Means, if you usually wear a t-shirt you can switch to shirt for a couple of days. This would send a mental signal to your mind that something is new. The idea is to switch your attire without compromising your neutral comfort zone.

  1. Go for a Trek at least once in two months

A quick gateway in the wild is a treat to many. This improves your mood and the calmness of nature rejuvenates your life. Not only does it help your mental peace but trekking every once a while also boosts your physical fitness

  1. Start playing outdoor games

Most of the time we are glued to our Smartphones, Watching TV, Laptops and other gadgets and we’re all aware of side effects of these gadgets. For a more energetic life we must involve ourselves in outdoor activities. We can play soccer, tennis, cricket or Golf. This boosts our learning and helps improve a positive mindset

  1. Take a Social Media Detox

Humans were graced by some apps that changed our lives. But we tend to overuse it and get an addiction which leads to inadequacy about our life, depression, anxieties and many more. To improve our life, we must learn to live in the moment rather than on social media and social media detox is a challenge worth taking

  1. Cook once a week

If you want to improve your emotional wellbeing then cooking is the way to go. According to a report in Wall Street Journal, most of the therapists recommend cooking as a way to treat depression. It also improves your focus by focusing your minds on the recipe

  1. Eat at least once a meal with full concentration

Be it your breakfast, lunch or dinner, to improve your focus and concentration you must start eating consciously. We tend to wave our minds somewhere else while we’re eating a meal but at least for one meal we can keep everything aside and enjoy the aroma, ingredients and the overall food. This would make you mindful

  1. Do at least one thing that scares you

Life is all about accepting the challenges and overcoming your fears to become a better version of yourself. Challenging yourself to do a task that scares you, puts you many steps ahead of everyone else. It can be to make a phone call or asking her out. Just do what scares you and see yourself overcoming that fear in no time

  1. Get a mentor

It does not have to be a life coach or a counsellor but it can simply be someone that you already know. It can be your best friend, your parents or teachers. Learn at least one skill from them. Maybe one friend would be a good communicator so copy how he does it and add your own twist. Improving yourself should be fun.

  1. Be kind

What is good for your mind? It is not something that you own or any materialistic stuff but its being kind to people. Be kind for no reason, it does not cost you anything. This will improve your overall mood and put yourself in control if you react too much

  1. Take up a creativity challenge

There are end number of ways one can be creative, it is all about focusing your mind to it. Everyone is born creative, it is just a matter of right guidance and action plan. There are many exercises and challenges that you can take to boost your creative skills thus Improving your brain capacity

  1. Listen to a Motivational Video at least twice a week

Relying on Motivational videos without acting on it is a waste of time but such videos at least give us a quick boost and improve our overall mood and mindset. Taking an action is the next step

  1. Read one blog post on Building a habit

Reading provides us with the knowledge that is crucial to succeed in life. Bad habits are difficult to give up but not impossible. To put yourself ahead of everyone else, you must read at least one blog on Building a habit.

  1. Set a Goal

Knowing what you want gives us a clearer view of where we are and where we need to be. A life without any goals is meaningless and thus it is important to set goals. Goals can be a shot goal like daily, weekly, monthly or long term goals like yearly goals.

  1. Learn a new Language

Do you need a mind opening experience? Learning a new language can put you in the spot where you can find challenges and grow yourself. Cultivating new language provides you with a skillset many wish they had

  1. Work on your existing skill

There has to be something that you are naturally good at. Figure out what you are good at and set an action plan on how you can become a master at the skill

  1. Analyze your positive mindset

There has to be a time that we all would be positive for time being. We just need to analyze that behavior and replicate it so that we can be positive in every other situation.

  1. Do nothing

When I say do nothing does not mean I ask you to waste your time. But what I mean is take a break from everything and sit on the seashore or your balcony to enjoy the sunset. This can be uncomfortable at first but learning to be with yourself is a critical skill to adapt

These are the path ways or quick action plan that we present to you. However, acting upon it is totally in your hands so go for it. Fail, Learn and Improve.

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