Introduction Post: Why did I Start this Blog? What should you expect?

Hi!! My Name is Faisal, no, not from Wasseypur but Residing in the ‘City of Dreams’ also known as ‘Mayanagri’. Mumbai!!

Now living in the city of dreams does make me a dreamer, Right? WRONG! It sure does make me a Day Dreamer.

Yes! This blog is all about that! Trying to share my daily struggle as a Millennial so that our Day Dreaming becomes the lifestyle we truly want and deserve.

The Story Behind this Blog

Early Days

Started my career as a Digital Marketing Executive, we all are at some point given the task to reach out to Famous Influencers to meet a particular goal. My task was no different.

So, I began my outreach strategy and got in touch with some influencers. At first, I got really drawn towards their so called “Content”. Slowly moving from picture to picture this is what their content included –

1.       Sponsored Post

2.       Cars, Bikes, Hotel Suite, etc. (Luxury)

3.       ‘Checkout How Happy my life is’ posts

These are just to name the few “Content” that the Influencers put out!

The Fantasy Effect

After every Email the urge to get what they had was more and more. I began to compare my life with theirs and it felt terrible.

Their day is always fantastic. There are literally no issues in their life whatsoever. There are no crowded trains or rude bus Passengers. The food that they eat is always delicious and healthy. They wear clothes from the top brands that I can only dream of.

This phase of what I called ‘The Fantasy Effect’ was nothing but the Influencers trying to ‘Sell the Fantasy’ to which I bought it at first and had the anxiety kick into my life.

The Realization

As I was surfing the web, hopping from one app to another, I came across the video by Prince EA. The video was about One Minute but that video changed my views towards these influencers

One statement that changed my mindset was “You’re Influencing people to do what”? and that’s when I realized that the so called “Content” was all about –

1.       A girl wearing a Sports Bra and some Ultra Expensive Shoes provided by a Multi-Billion Dollar Company

2.       A filtered image that talked about natural beauty

3.       A guy showing his god like body with a huge smile and quoting “You can do it”

That’s what they’re influencing people to do. The filters that they put on their images are much more than beauty filters. The reality is, there is more that lies behind that image.

There’s good amount of time taken to get a perfect shot. There some more time given to edit that perfect shot.

Therefore, as I came up with conclusion that ‘Yes, we do not walk out better from their content but worst’

The Blog Idea

When was the last time you visited a Blog or an Instagram Blog and learned something that would make your life easier? Do you get anxiety or feel cheerful? If you know you haven’t been getting value from your Influencer than its probably time TO FOLLOW THIS BLOG! Just kidding.

Maybe It’s time you rethink about your decision.

After realizing that life isn’t as simple as these people make it look like, life is full of ups and downs. I asked myself where can I find about ‘Why Millennials are unhappy’, ‘Where are we impatient’, ’How do we improve our relationship with office colleagues’. These are some of the few things, I as a Millennial don’t know.

Hence, I came up with a blog that is focused especially on how we Millennials can achieve total peace and growth without lusting after cars or fake filters.

What Should you Expect?

The Challenged Millenial is not about flashy clothes or lusty bikes. This blog is all about the Daily Challenges we go through in our life as a Millennial. Will be using some practical examples and practical solutions that worked (at least for me or the guest blogger)

In the near future the blog would be divided into four categories –

1.       Personal Challenges (This category would include the challenges that we face personally)

2.       Professional Challenges (This category would include the challenges that we face in our offices, career, Lack of Motivation at Work, etc.)

3.       Social Challenges (This category would include the challenges that we face in our social life)

4.       Financial Challenges (This category would include the challenges that we face financially)

Is it a Lifestyle blog?


I would like to call it ‘Real Lifestyle Blog’ + Growth Blog.

Hey, y'all I'm Faisal!!👋

I’m SO excited you’re here!  I’m super passionate about improving ourselves and the daily challenges we Millennials go through, gives me hope to change our lives for good!


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