230 Things To Be Grateful For

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In the 21st century, the world is running and the life has become a race but we must find sometime to accept and appreciate the things that we have and the things that we need. Let's see how to do it
10 Steps to Get Rid of Postponing Behavior   Can I do that later please? Is it urgent? Can someone else do it if it’s not that important? Do I
What is unrealistic expectation – I asked. Something which is just not possible. But aren’t we suppose to set our targets higher so that we feel motivated? I got no answer.
Hi!! My Name is Faisal, no, not from Wasseypur but Residing in the ‘City of Dreams’ also known as ‘Mayanagri’. Mumbai!! Now living in the city of dreams does make me a dreamer, Right? WRONG! It sure does make me a Day Dreamer. Yes! This blog is all about that! Trying to share my daily struggle as a Millennial so that our Day Dreaming becomes the lifestyle we truly want and deserve.
We’ve all heard that communication is the key to healthy relationship. Be it the relationship between the parents and the children, two friends, couples or even employee and the employer. Yet, for some reason or the other we just don’t speak what we feel inside.

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I Addresses Challenges that we Millennials face. Challenges from Personal, Professional, Social, and Financial life. I try to address and solve those issues using my personal experiences.

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