Passive Aggressive Behavior: A Detailed Guide

What is a Passive Aggressive Behavior?

Every felt that something just isn’t right about the other person. Means whatever they say to you just doesn’t connect with you or you feel something fishy about it. Or worst, ever felt that the person you gave a complement to didn’t really deserve it? Yes that is called Passive Aggression, but How to Respond to Passive Aggressive Behavior?

Let’s see what is Passive Aggressive Behavior!!

A passive aggressive behavior is nothing but when you express negative feelings indirectly in different ways instead of talking to them directly. It can come in different forms in different environment. At work it can be triggered when the employee sabotage is carried out through subtle acts of insubordination, undermining, and resistance that are characteristically hard to pin down.

In a relationship passive aggressive behavior is triggered due to fear of conflict. You don’t want to argue and fight and hence break the bond but you also don’t want to say it clearly. Therefore, it does more harm than good and hence many relationships suffer the dead end because of it.

What does a Person with Passive Aggressive Mentality Look like?

To identify the characteristic of a passive aggressive person you must know a few things about them. You must know their background, their values, their reaction to certain things etc.

What do I mean by knowing their background? So, what I meant was, do you know the persons back story as in what beliefs did, he grow up with or what are the values he was brought up with? Because a person who has a passive aggressive behavior is likely brought up with a belief that being angry leads to many problems in a personal life

When someone grows up with a belief system that anger is always a worst option to choose from, he or she does not learn how to express it in a healthy way thus leading towards a Passive Aggressive Mentality.

Therefore, it is critical to understand this because this will help you to understand How to Deal with Passive Aggressive Behavior

Why is it bad?

This sort of behavior is not acceptable in any sort of relationship. Be it your personal life or professional life. This behavior is destined to get causes more pain and stress!

Do you want to know how will affect you?

Let’s imagine a scenario, you are in a relationship with a person you always wanted to date. Everything is going okay but suddenly something happens and the other person does something that you were not pretty at all. What will you do in this scenario? Will you keep silent about it and be like ‘Let he or she figure out on her own’? Would you give signals?

Let me ask you this! What if you would just communicate the issue you had? Will the things be easier or difficult? It will be easier! Why? Because keeping it inside your head will not only cause you pain and grief but also affect your health in the long run.

How to Respond to Passive Aggressive Behavior?

When its time to work on yourself the road is quite difficult. Getting rid of this habit is no different. Let us see how we can tackle this and become a better version of ourselves-

  1. Understand yourself Completely

We all have a story to tell about ourselves. What we are currently is because of the past experiences of our lives. It can be good or it can be bad. Therefore, to understand what made you a passive aggressive person you must go back in the time to recall some memories of the past.

When was the first time did you behave this way? What triggered you to be this way? Is this learned from something or someone? Or did you do it naturally? Whom are you surrounded with? Do any of them have the same characteristic? These are some of the questions you can ask yourself and get some idea about the beginning of the problem.

  1. Keep Calm

It is possible that during the heat of the moment we might not think consciously about our actions and if when we are not conscious about our actions, we might end up doing what we wanted to avoid consciously.

So, in the heat of the moment do this-

  • Just listen to whatever they have to say. JUST LISTEN!! Do not act of react.
  • Take deep breathe!
  • Have a tiny grin on your face. (Not so much that you piss of someone).
  • Make an eye contact
  1. Communicate

Once you know why you are this way and understand the entire situation by staying calm, it is now time to face the person and communicate how you feel. Whatever it is just communicate so that your pain is directly communicated to the person. Do not make these Communication Mistakes while talking to them,

You must do this because to ensure you feel better and feel relief in stress and to communicate your true emotions to the person. What this would do is provide clarity to the conversation and reveal what you actually feel inside.

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