Daily Positive Affirmation for Millennials: Why you Need it and List

We all hear things like practice Positive Affirmations Daily but we never take it seriously. 

Let me ask you this

Have you ever felt a load of thoughts going on in your head about how things are not going as per you would like it to be? What do you generally do in this situation? Try an divert your mind and body through music or go for a walk or just lie down? Did you ever think that these short-term solutions are actually not good for your mental health and peace?

Well, now it is time to think about them!

Affirmation is what I like to call the second step towards having a better lifestyle. First step being Awareness of the situation! So, what is Positive Affirmation?

Let’s Understand!

What is an Affirmation?


Affirmations are the short, powerful statements that you think, say or write on a daily basis to let yourself go from ‘I Can’t’ to ‘I Can’

Manifesting these statements in your daily life can do wonders to your life in a long term.

But if it’s such a powerful tool, then why do people don’t use it? I would not say that it isn’t like that they don’t use it. It is just that they use it in a way that is not Inspiring, Motivating or getting the results that they want.

Examples for Affirmation are – I can make it, I will be the best amongst my friends, I will not let my thoughts hurt myself, etc.

Why do you need Positive Affirmation?


We live in a world that is fast paced. Face paced it is because there’s a lot of competition out there! I mean, competition not only for the brands but also for each and every individual because if you don’t have what it takes you will be wiped out by someone.

So, how do we compete? What do we do? My first answer to this has always been that you compete with a right mindset! Right mindset comes when you know you have what it takes. It is very easy to be drowned in the thoughts of you cannot make it but that is where Affirmations comes into the picture.

Getting it installed in your head should not be a weekly or 10 days routine, it should become a habit!

Morning routine should basically look like-

  1. Get up and express some gratitude
  2. Believe that you can make it through injecting affirmations to your head.

How to Use Affirmations Effectively-


These small statements are short but powerful because these statements if used correctly, has the power to change your mood from Negative to Positive within a few minutes. Most people use limp affirmations, meaning they do not use it full potential. To use Affirmations Effectively these are things to keep in mind

  1. Write down your thought patterns

To use affirmations at its full potential we must understand our thought patterns. Writing down a list of things we think about daily increases our awareness. Your thought patterns describe your daily mood. The thoughts can be positive or negative. Regardless of our thoughts we must write it down. This process may take up to a day or two. It is different for each individual

  1. Pick out the negative self talk and write an affirmation instead

After being aware of our daily negative thoughts, we must right down at least one positive assertion. An English Dictionary would come handy to write down strong statements about the thoughts. For instance, I can never make it big in my Career, you could say, I was born to conquer this field.

  1. Repeat your Affirmations

Using assertions and hoping to get results in one go is a sure shot way to failure. Repetition is the key to get the most out of these powerful affirmations. Therefore, it is crucial to form a habit and get great results. Checkout the List of Motivational Apps that can help you build the required habit

List of Positive Affirmation-

  1. I am the best (Say this while visualizing one thing you have done that made you proud)
  2. I will make it (Say this while visualizing one thing you achieved)
  3. I will not let negative thoughts affect me (Visualize the time when you just did not give up, it can be anything)
  4. I am limitless (Think of the time when you thought there’s no stopping of you)
  5. I can achieve anything I set my Mind to (What was one thing you thought you’d do and you did it)
  6. I am grateful (Think of everything you have your friends wish they had)
  7. I will not let people judge me (What was that one time you really not cared what people think of you)
  8. I am my own competitor (Be the better version of yourself daily)
  9. I will be great (Think of every perk you will get with this feeling)
  10. I can achieve what I set my mind to (Think of the time when you did what you set your mind to)
  11. My day will be challenging but fun
  12. This new day is a new opportunity for me
  13. I will spend the day as if it were a game where I can’t lose
  14. I believe in me (Remember the moment where you did)
  15. I trust in me
  16. I am confident of doing anything
  17. I am smart
  18. I am worthy
  19. I will not compare my chapter one with someone’s chapter 10
  20. I choose to be happy
  21. I choose to spend my day on my terms
  22. I am excited to see what heights I can achieve
  23. I deserve the best
  24. I accept the best
  25. I am unique
  26. I have the power to create a change
  27. I love myself and my close one’s
  28. I am kind
  29. I am loveable
  30. I am in charge of my thoughts
  31. I will focus on what I can control
  32. I welcome Realistic Faith
  33. I attract Opportunities
  34. No one deserves to play with my feelings
  35. I will be present in the moment
  36. No one is a part of my happiness accept myself
  37. I am grounded
  38. I will live my dreams
  39. I have no insecurities
  40. I will Imagine and I will create
  41. This is my year
  42. I will let go of anything that hurts me

These Affirmations play a big role in your day to day life making your mind filled with positive thoughts and emotions. Use these to get your day started and nail it like a boss. There are also a few benefits of using these affirmations on a daily basis.

Benefits of Affirmations

  1. Improves your mood

No wonder that these assertions if used correctly have the tendency to brighten up your mood. Acknowledging what you have and your capabilities puts in a spot where the joy can be found

  1. Improves Sleep

Affirmations are used to acknowledge our capabilities and in our day to day life we fail to do it. This disrupts our sleeping pattern and we do not enjoy a deep sleeping or relaxing experience. However, acknowledging what you are capable of helps your sleeping pattern and allows you to relax.

  1. Improves Focus

With all the daily clusters that we experience, we tend to get diverted from what matters the most and hence we get loose results. With affirmations, we are able to improve our focus on the things that matter so that we get better results.

  1. You will be Goal Oriented

If you start your day with a power of positive thoughts, you will be blessed with an incredible result. As we know, Affirmations everyday improves our focus and if we’re focus on our goals then we are bound to succeed regardless, if our goal is weight loss or become successful at what we do we are going to get results

  1. More Appreciative

We all are blessed with an Incredible Family and wonderful friends but due to our busy schedule we take it for granted. A few minutes of positive thinking in a day can help our brain to acknowledge what we have and hence appreciate it.

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