List of Things to do While in Quarantine!

Imagine that it’s the month of December of 2019, you’ve achieved somethings and you’ve missed a few. What do you do? You plan to make things happen next year and do it with more power, focus and heartfulness. But then what happens? Boom!! We’re hit by something called as a Coronavirus. All your planning and all your ambitions for this year goes into the trash! Right? WRONG!!

Yes, I agree that things are different and wandering is restricted but this is the perfect time to work on yourself! Remember the time when we use to say “Gosh I really work on myself but I’m just not getting enough time”. Well with this pandemic going on, we have enough time to work on ourselves.

Be it Mentally, Physically or Emotionally this is the perfect time to work on all of these aspects and become a better person.

Here’s the list of things that you can do during this pandemic –

1. Work on your Physical Body –

Imagine looking in the mirror and see the best version of yourself physically? You see those abs pop out, a perfect chest, triceps, bubble butt! How would you feel? Good? Great in fact!! How can you get in shape without going to gym? That’s what most people ask when we say work on your physical body during this Pandemic.

Here’s what you can do at home to lose some pounds and get a better shape
Get a workout program – There are so many workout programs out there that actually work and give you a better shape when followed properly. This is the perfect option for people who actually love to grind hard!
Look out for a Yoga Program – Are you not the type who does squats or lunges? Don’t worry! Just like the various workout programs there are also Yoga programs that help you get the Body you’ve always wanted.
Challenge yourself with some diet programs – If you’re from the group of people who like to challenge themselves in some way or the another there are a lot of blog posts and programs that challenges you to go on a diet to lose some pounds.

2. Meditation –

Do you also feel the need run away from everything and get some emotional rest or are you abnormal? We all do feel that! Now it’s the time to rethink about the Emotional Health and focus on yourself.

Think of your brain as a computers RAM. A computer’s RAM is like a short-term memory. By having a single focus during meditation, what you do is clear the thoughts in your head. Thoughts that well maybe causing mental stress or anxiety. By Clearing your Brain’s RAM through meditation, you reduce the stress on your brain and focus better throughout the day.

But then the question arises, when should I meditate? I still have a job that requires me to Work from Home. Yes, of course you do. But think about it. WFH comes with a flexibility. There’s no rush in your daily life now as it was before the pandemic.  Meaning – You don’t have to rush for the cab or train or you’re not running late for work in anyway. Therefore, starting your day with a meditation becomes easy.

3. Write a Journal –

Why should you write a Journal? What is the benefit of writing a Journal?

Let me ask you one thing? How well do you know yourself? In fact, tell me the last 5 thoughts that have been bothering you but you just keep forgetting it. Can you name all 5 of them? Difficult isn’t it? That is when Journaling comes into picture.

Not only will journaling help you remember what you think about on a daily basis but you can also write down some of your daily experiences that were unique so that you can revisit them whenever you want to them.

How about writing down a gratitude journal? Keep writing about something that you appreciate and feel proud of in your life. What this would do is it will help you remember the things that you are grateful about and when you feel low about yourself you can just revisit them to quickly get energized.


4. Improve your Professional Knowledge –


Considering the job losses that took place during this pandemic you must prove yourself as an asset to your job rather than a liability. How can you become an asset? By improving your professional knowledge regarding the area of your expertise.

So how can you improve your professional knowledge? How do you know where to start? Its simple. Find out the topic in your field that has always been the issue for you to understand. Do some google research about that and see what you find. Can you implement the things you learned? Does it clear your doubt?

If your concepts are cleared than its great or else you can also checkout Udemy Learning! Udemy has been an important source of information for many people and it also helps to boost your confidence about a particular topic


5. Get a side hustle –

Who doesn’t like an extra buck? We all do like that idea but it was not possible considering the time that we had earlier. But now you can actually take your ‘I wish’ to ‘I can’. So, what can you do? I don’t know! It depends on your field of expertise. Let’s say you’re a Graphic Designer you can actually do a freelance work. You can reach out to other firms on LinkedIn and offer your service at a fairly reasonable price. Considering the Pandemic.

I personally belief that many managers and owners are looking to get their work done at a lower rate so maybe you can contact them and get an opportunity to earn some few dollars.

These were the primary things that would help someone to grow mentally, physically, emotionally. But this is not all! There are many more things that you could do –

  • Read a spiritual text
  • Create a vision board
  • Get a to-do list
  • Map out your life
  • Read a great book
  • Watch Ted Talks
  • Bake a Cake
  • Try some recipes
  • Knit
  • Embroidery
  • Paint
  • Build Legos
  • Clean your house
  • Update your LinkedIn
  • Improve your Communication skills

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Things to do in Quarantine
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