What are Objectives in Goal Setting and Why You Should Have One

Most of us are aware of this concept called setting. We’re all passionate about something and we set Goals but do you know that Goals and Objectives are different than each other? For years, even I thought that they mean the same but they are critical differences. Let us Explore 

When it Comes to Goal Setting, What are Objectives? In Goal Setting, Objectives are the Short-term actions that you must take to reach the Goals. They are Specific, Precise and, Tangible in Nature

Most of us think of it as the same but they are not. Therefore, if you’re working in a team it is important to understand and clarify this terminology and be on the same page.

Goals Vs Objectives


Setting Goals are Vital to your personal and professional space. They provide us with a vision of the future and allows us to take actionable steps. The terms Goals and Objectives are often used interchangeably which creates confusion. Let us clear the air for you.

1. It determines the broad and long-term outcomes you need to achieve 1. Objectives are fairly narrower and short term results you want to get
2. It helps to define where we want to be in the future. (3 years, 5 Years, 10 Years) 2. They are short-term in nature and are more like stepping stones towards our end goal.
3. Goals align with your company vision and provide long-term aspirations. 3. Objectives align with your companies Goals and work as a motivator to achieve the Goals
4. They are intangible and challenging to measure if you don’t have the right skills 4. Objectives are tangible in results and can be measured easily.
5. An example would be to increase customer base in Rural Areas 5.An example would be to set a plant in Rural Areas.

How to Write Smart Objectives –

Smart Objectives are destined to be specific and narrower. They are tangible and are easy to measure. There is a good rule of thumb to write down smart objectives that would lead the way towards achieving your long-term goals. These are the steps to write down Smart Objectives 

Understand your Goals Thoroughly –

There is no Growth without Goals. We must understand the importance of Goal Setting. Make sure you don’t follow the traditional Goal Setting. You have to follow the latest Goal Setting Technique to get the most results. 

Understanding your Goals would give you more Clarity and create the rest of the objectives and action plans accordingly. 

Identify the Action Plans to Achieve your Goals – 

Writing an action plan is challenging but it takes your Goals from being just a dream and gives a chance to turn them into reality. There are no set action plans in place as it is subjective and differs from one goal to another. 

For example – Let’s say your goal is to get a promotion. You would need to write down all the things that you need to take action on like Learning or Mastering a Skill or Improving your Communication. Here you clearly describe each task that will lead you to towards your Ultimate Goal. 

Ask Questions – 

Asking the right questions gives us the power to get clarity. Let’s take the above example of Getting a Promotion and you want to master a skill to get closer to your Goal. Mastering a new skill becomes your Objective now so you have to ask these questions – 

  • Is my Objective Broad?
  • Is it Measurable? 
  • Does my Objective put me a step ahead in achieving my Goals?

Answering these questions would provide you with more clarity and assurance.

Break Down your Objectives into smaller Objectives

Do you need this step? Yes, you do! This step further clarifies the list of actions you need to take to achieve your Objectives. Let’s take Promotion as an example – You know you need to acquire certain skills to get you closer to your promotion but how do you learn it? Where do you learn it from? How much time would it take to learn it?

These are some critical questions you need to ask yourself which would get you more clarity.

Find a way to measure it – 

Objectives work well when they are measurable. It is important to have measurable goals as it allows us to stay motivated and on track with our Goals. A great way to calculate your efforts is to ask questions such as How much time would it take to achieve the goal. How to know if you’ve accomplished it.

 For the above example – Acquiring a new skill is the way to measure your objectives. 

10 Examples of Smart Objectives

  • If your goal is to reach a certain income level the smart objective would be 
    1. Jot down five ways you can increase your Passive Income
    2. Get the X number of Email Subscriber by X months
    3. Make a total profit of X% in the first quarter
  • If your goal is to increase the page views by 80% next year. Smart objectives would be
    1. To analyze the number of content you need (10 for Example) 
    2. Analyze the word count required for each post and Publish 10 content within the first week
    3. Find 20 Profitable keywords to target.
  • If your goal is to create 10 YouTube Videos in 3 Months. Smart objectives would be –
    1. To find ideas to create those videos
    2. Contact 10 content creators daily
    3. Find the concerned person to do the Video Editing
  • If your goal is to reach a certain amount of body fat by the year-end. Smart Objectives would be –
    1. How would you divide your workouts (Strenght, Weight, Cardio)?
    2. Would you need a program or will you join the gym?
  • If your goal is to Gain Weight by X%. Smart Objectives would be – 
    1. To analyze the diet and set a daily calorie goal
    2. How much protein would you consume daily?
    3. Join a group with similar goals
  • If your goal is to get a promotion before next year. Smart Objectives would be – 
    1. To master the skills within 2 months that would help your promotion.
    2. Find the best mentor to guide in the First Month
    3. Identify the shortcomings while mastering the skills
    4. Come up with 5 ways to improve your communication at work
  • If your goal is to be married within X years. Your smart objectives would be – 
    1. Create a blueprint of the kind of relationship you need
    2. Come up with 5 ways that I can meet my future wife this week. 
    3. Find the best relationship coaches that would support me in my goal in the next two weeks
    4. Come up with 2 creative activities that claim to support me in finding my loved one
    5. To look around and find 5 happy couples and notice their relationship
    6. Read one book at least per month on finding a perfect loved one
  • If your goal is to improve a friendship. Your smart objectives would be –
    1. Take at least one step towards finding a friend facing big challenges
    2. Contact 5 people I have had good connections with in the past and get in touch with them
    3. Come up with several ways to improve provide extra happiness to your friend circle.
    4. Remind yourself every Sunday about the things that you are grateful for to have friends that you have
    5. Write a gratitude letter to that one friend who’s helped me with my challenges in past.
  • If your goal is to enjoy life as much as you can. Your smart objectives should be –
    1. Analyze the Five things I love to do and write them down by Tomorrow 5 Pm
    2. Start doing one thing per week.
    3. Create a list of things that you enjoyed doing the most in the last year.
    4. Find a positive psychology coach this month and improve your focus.
  • If your goal is to practice well-being this year. Your smart objectives would be –
    1. Complete X amounts of hours with a Happiness coach in 3 months
    2. Identify my current level of Happiness and jot down by the end of this week
    3. Increase my well-being score by X% in 2 months
    4. Carry out 1 activity every month that provides me happiness
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