Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows: What does it Mean

One of the most crucial habit that’s required to achieve your goal is having Clear Focus. Of course, when you are after your goals, there are a lot of habits that determine whether or not you would be achieving your goals but Focus remains the critical one. One of my favorite quotes from Tony Robbins remains Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows.

But what does it mean? Your focus is based upon the thing that you are visually thinking and asking mental questions about. If you want all your energy in a particular task then you need to have a laser-focus. Without Focus, you would not have passion for doing a task. 

I am sure we all know about focus and we’ve all read articles about it but why do we still have a loose focus? One of the primary reasons for that is we have read it just for the sake of reading it. We are not yet aware of its importance and benefits or we don’t know why it is important. If we knew what improved focus would bring to the table we’d be doing that already, right?

Why should you improve your Focus?

There are many reasons for you to improve your focus. Focus is the Gateway to your Personal and Professional Success. We live in a world where we are used to instant gratification and more competition. If you have a loose focus you might miss on many opportunities. Check out the few things you would miss. This is the list I jotted down from my personal experience.

Your life would be no better –

We all search about focusing when we tend to have our lives go from the various storms of life. Let me guess, you already knew about focus and why you need it but you did not take it seriously and now you’re back about searching to improve your focus.

Let me ask you one thing? Had you tried to improve your focus the last time when you learned or heard about it, would your life be any better? The answer is Yes! When you put all your energy into improving your focus, your life would start getting better automatically.

You miss out on Opportunities

We all know that life gives us various opportunities to improve ourselves. Think about it. If you had an opportunity at your door and because you had a diverted focus, would you lose a chance to improve your life? 

Yes, you would. When you search for opportunities and put all your focus on finding the right opportunity, you would find one. On the other hand, if you had a lousy focus that is focused on something else. You would miss out on opportunities to change your life.

You have limited knowledge – 

How do we acquire knowledge? We gain knowledge in school, colleges, our environments, and most importantly our experience. When you have a bad focus or are disinterested, your life would just go without learning or gaining knowledge. 

When your focus is not learning your knowledge would not expand and as a result, would have limited knowledge. Therefore, it is important to make learning your priority. When you start learning, you have more knowledge and when you have more knowledge you would improve your life by using that knowledge in your everyday life.

Your Productivity takes a toll

We all know that productive people are problem solvers and innovators. How do you solve a problem? You cannot solve a problem without having a laser focus. You need to focus on understanding the issue, acknowledging the challenges, and coming up with viable solutions. 

Without these traits, you cannot be more productive. However, there is an easy way round. All you need to do is improve your focus. Once you have a good focus you would be able to crack the problems.

You don’t succeed at your goals

Achieving your goals determine your success. Having a vague focus would always keep you distracted and waste your precious time. We all know that a great goal is Time-bound and a vague focus would waste your time and hence cost your goals.

Our life is like a camera. We all need to focus on what is important and capture it. Therefore it is critical to have a maximum focus that brings in maximum results and thus great joy. 

Where can you Focus your Energy?

Now that we know the list of things you would lose with a vague focus. What’s next you might ask? It is crucial to know the things you would lose but also crucial to know the things you should be focusing on. For the past year, I have focused on the below things and the results have been fantastic.

Focus on what matters the most –

This is the foundational step towards having a perfect life. You must consider the things that matter the most in your life. You can divide it if you want between your personal life and professional life but focus on what matters.

How do you find what matters the most? 

Use these 3 steps to find out what matters the most in your life. 

Step 1 – Take out a pen and paper and write down the top 5 things that are up to your mind for the past 2 weeks.

Step 2 – Decide the priority on the grounds of what would make you happy 

Step 3 – Prepare an action plan and start picking one thing at a time.

Focus on how do you spend your time

This part is really important as we tend to waste our majority of time doing things that do not require our attention. Analyze your past week and find out what are the things that you did that could’ve been postponed or avoided. 

Access the amount of time you spend on social media and communicating unnecessarily. Ask this one important question to yourself that had you not wasted any time doing the chores you shouldn’t how focused you would have been? How would your life be?

Focus on people that matter –

All of our belief systems are learned by the people we spend time with. Our friends, family, colleagues, etc. These are the people that either drives us or pulls us back. You want to acknowledge and find the people that matter the most.

You cannot be spending time with people who do not motivate you to be the best, therefore, we need to keep them at a distance.

Focus on your Mental Health – 

We’re all bonded by one thing or another. We face challenges in our professional life and as well as our personal life. Hence, we tend to cause a mental traffic jam in our heads. How much time do you give yourself? I bet that would be zero to none. 

You have to take care of your mental well-being because a mind that chatters gets distracted easily and thus costs us our happiness. Take some time out to figure out your thoughts. Start doing 10 minutes of meditation daily. It is said that doing at least 5 minutes of meditation is better than not doing it at all.

How to Shift your Focus?

At the end of the day, we’re all humans. We cannot stop the mind from roaming around. Therefore, it is also critical to understand how can you change your focus when you are diverted. You can find a lot of tips online but it comes down to three major steps. Practice these and you would be able to shift your focus when required –

Awareness – The first and crucial step towards shifting your focus is Awareness. You should be able to identify when your focus is diverted from where it requires your attention. When it is Diverted, Relax. Take a breath and acknowledge that it is diverted. Then go to the next step

What is it that you are thinking – Focus is nothing but we’re asking various questions in our mind. You need to analyze the question that you are asking yourself subconsciously. If you have a hard time finding the question. You can simply focus on your diverted mind and ask yourself. [Why am I focusing on ___]

Get your focus back – Once you get your question. It is time to analyze the answer. So again, ask yourself, [Why are you focusing on X] and ask if it’s that important. If your answer is [No I can do that later] congrats! Your Focus is back on.

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